In Loco News: Is Suge Knight Immortal?

It seems Knight can survive shootings, prison and even a nuclear explosion! Continue »

#Shhh: Latino Celebs Who Kept Their Heritage Under Wraps

Not everyone wants to say they’re Latino in Hollywood… Continue »

Miss Bumbum 2014 Has Us Bummed Out!

Pretty sure some used to be dudes and the amount of butter faces and butt surgeries gone wrong are asstronomical! Continue »

Enough Already: 15 Tired Misconceptions About All Black Women


You think you know, but you have no idea…

SueLyn Medeiros: Brazilian Bombshell That’s Not Your Average Video Vixen

Get to know this Brazilian-American hottie that keeps on raising the temperature with her incredibly fit and curvy Latina body. Do lose your cool and enjoy all of her steamiest Instagram pics. Continue »

Queen-Size: 15 Plus-Size Beauties Who Inspire Us To Embrace Our Curves



These ladies inspire us by embracing their curves while also taking care of their health in the spotlight.

Video Vixen Caught in Blackface! Has Dayami Padron’s Silicone Gone to her Brains?

This Cuban hottie usually has guys turning their heads because of her silly cones and her incredible overhang from the waste down but now she’s got some serious ‘splainin’ to do.  Continue »

Evening Eye Candy: Reader-Submitted Cutie, Quinton Hillocks


If you like what you see, good news: Hillocks has a twin brother!

Zulay Henao, The Actress Who Will Heat Up Your TV Screen

This Up-and-coming actress got her career started after serving time in the United States Army and got her big break after appearing in Tyler Perry‘s The Single Moms ClubContinue »

Is It Getting Hot In Here? 11 Past And Present TV Couples With The Hottest Chemistry

on-screen chemistry

These 11 pairs made their characters’ love (and sex lives) all the more believable…

Carissa Rosario’s Instagram Pics Will Explode The Internet

This sexy Latina goddess will get you all clicky with her hottest Instagram pics — Check ‘em out! Continue »

Where Are They Now? The Cast Of New Jack City

New Jack City

We found ‘em!


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