Is It Getting Hot In Here? 11 Past And Present TV Couples With The Hottest Chemistry

on-screen chemistry

These 11 pairs made their characters’ love (and sex lives) all the more believable…

Carissa Rosario’s Instagram Pics Will Explode The Internet

This sexy Latina goddess will get you all clicky with her hottest Instagram pics — Check ‘em out! Continue »

Where Are They Now? The Cast Of New Jack City

New Jack City

We found ‘em!

Evening Eye Candy: Buff And Beautiful Model, Raji


Heeeeeeeeey Raji!

Yovanna Ventura Is Obsessed With A Body Part — Can You Guess Which One?

This sexy Latina model is all about that bass! The girl’s obsessed with belfies! We got for you her best ones: Continue »

Fire Your Beautician! Celebrities With The Worst Hairstyles


We need answers when it comes to why these stars tried the following styles.

Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None: Celebrities Who Can’t Seem To Stay Out Of Drama


Some aren’t afraid to speak their mind, others are constantly hated on, and a few enjoy getting under other people’s skin.

15 Celebrity Pairs Who Should Be On The Next Season Of “Couples Therapy”


It’s never too late to make things work…plus, their stories would be entertaining!

Get It Together, Please: The Most Dysfunctional Fictional Couples On TV



We dig these shows, but watching these couples is like watching an emotional rollercoaster. *in a Vivian Green voice*

Ayisha Diaz: The Video Vixen That Could Break the Internet

No mediocre mamacita. With her 34-27-39 measurements, her gorgeous face and her hairless cat (she’s got a Sphynx), this Dominican video vixen has the power the break the internet with her sizzling hot Instagram pics.  Continue »


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