The Language of Love: How Miscommunication Leads to Complication

You may have heard of a little book called Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus. Continue »

Questions/Reactions Every Natural Haired Black Girl Gets

Those of us who choose to go sans hair-straightening chemicals (no shade to the relaxed homies) get some very interesting questions and reactions about our hair. The most comical questions usually come from those who are completely unfamiliar with the nuances of black hair outside of Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” and that one black girl in their dorm in college.

Check out just a few of the situations every natural haired black girl will encounter at one time or another at

What Men Wish We Knew

As I frequently question my ability to understand men, I have finally come to the realization that men and women are utterly different creatures Continue »

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

I am a stay-at-home mom of four kids Continue »

Some Mid-Morning Lil Wayne: Inside The “I Am Still Music” Tour [Pics]

Lil Weezy and his Young Money regime have hit the road for the “I Am Still Music” tour and last night in New York at the Nassau Coliseum Wayne (and the crowd) had a cheeky good time! Continue »

For The Ladies: Lil Romeo Says He’ll Take Off His Shirt And Show Off His Ripped Abs If You Vote For Him On DWTS

romeo miller shirtless</a

In a recent interview with, Romeo Miller reveals that he will show off his newly riped bawwddyyy Continue »


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