These Celebrities Give Us Hair Envy

Raven Symone

These celebrity women have captivated us with their hair (both natural and not so much). Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?? Kelly Rowland Or Angela Simmons

Last night several celebrity and celebrity-types attended MTV’s Staying Alive Fundraising and farewell event to celebrate the achievements of Bill Roedy, Chairman and Chief Executive of MTV Networks International at Westbury Hotel in London.

Which of these ladies would you say look more bangin? The destiny child, or the daddy’s girl?? Continue »

Stop Blaming The Victim

battered woman

Recently I spoke to my cousin, who lives in Alabama, on the phone and he flatly said, “you won’t believe the sh** that happened to me.” Continue »

Some Morning Man Banger

Willis McGahee Ink Not Mink

Willis McGahee’s treatment of women might be a little questionable, but he’s got a redeeming factor: he’s all for the ethical treatment of animals. Continue »

President Obama Puts It DOWN In His State Of The Union Address!

President Barack Obama came ready for action in last nights State of The Union Address, where he spoke passionately about the nations economy, education, and future endeavors. Continue »

Question Of The Day: Which Would You Choose, Your Pet Or Your Significant Other???

You ever have one of those days when your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/jump-off is getting on your nerves and you look at your dog/cat/gerbil/goldfish and say: “Why can’t you be more like Scruffy/Lassie/Goldie/John (some people like human names for pets…weird, we know.) Continue »

Are You Feeling Trigga Trey’s Video Shoot Steez

Trey Songz

Trey Songz tweeted these pics from his “Love Faces” video shoot on Sunday. Continue »

Is It Cheating, If She Lives In A Different Zip Code?

Have any of you ever heard of the ‘zip code dating rule?’. Until yesterday, I hadn’t, and in case you were living in the same bubble of blissful ignorance that I was, let me fill you in. The zip code rule states that it’s not cheating if you hook up with someone in a different zip-code. WTF? Not too long ago I returned home to find a friend in tears. Her boyfriend admitted to her that when he was out of town, he slept with someone else. ‘But don’t worry’ he told her, ’she lives in Texas’.

Oh, ok then.

Apparently they had decided long ago, when they briefly attended colleges in different states, that if they were in separate cities at the time, then it wasn’t cheating. However, they have been living together for over a year now, and are engaged, so my friend assumed the ‘game’ as she called it, was over. Apparently not.

Although he has agreed to stop playing the field, and has promised the Zip Code Rule is a thing of the past, the problem now is that every time he leaves the house she ends up paranoid and in fits of rage when he gets home, because, thanks to the Z.C.R, there is always the thought in her mind that he could be sleeping with women all over Manhattan (which is where they live).
Which got me thinking, can you ever really be in a relationship with someone, if it is understood that whenever you aren’t around they can jump right into bed with somebody, actually anybody else? And, even if you say you’re ok with it now, what happens when one of you tires of the game? Will it be as easy for the other person to stop playing?

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Celebrities We’d Like To Date And Why

Idris Elba

It’s true sex appeal sells; but there are a handful of celebrities whose sex appeal exceeds their exterior. Continue »

Weezy F. Baby Has Shaken Off The Post-Bing Blues And Is Set To Begin His New Tour Next Month

Lil Tunechi is inviting his entire Young Money squad out to hit the road with him on his country-wide tour. Continue »

SUPERBOWL BOUND! The Green Bay Packers VS The Pittsburgh Steelers

After all the dust settled, all the sh*t-talk ceased, and all the fans stopped screaming, only 2 remain. Continue »

How To Manage Common Sexual Mishaps

couple in bed

Even the most seasoned or talented bedroom champ can experience some frustrating or embarrassing moments between the sheets. Continue »

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