Vampire Justice: Investors Sue Jim Jones, Say He Stole $200,000 To Fund Vampire Life Brand


Did Capo fund Vamp Life by fraudulently sucking his investors’ pockets dry? Continue »

And Another One: Camel Carter Signs Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia To Roc Nation Sports

CC Jay

All these guys are really eager to join the athlete illuminati, huh? Continue »

Peter Gunz Regrets Catching Fade With Erica Mena [Video]

Peter is still a scumbag, but at least he kept it 100. No one can heal Erica Mena. Continue »

R.I.P. Three People Dead In Indiana Grocery Store Shooting [Video]

Can’t even grab a bag of Funyuns without being afraid of catching a slug in your mug. Continue »

Shots Fired? SWV’s Coko Says, “I Don’t Think We’re Acting Like Kelly Price” On Their New Reality Show

swv and kell

They might need to act like Kelly Price to stay on the air. You know controversy sells. Continue »


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