Oh, Gawd!: See Pastor’s Ex Wife Get Her Head Tattooed With Artificial Hair [Video]

The Pastor’s Ex-Wife sends us in videos all the time… and we try not to put them up, but damn!: Continue »

Watch A Dainty Brazilian Man Teach Some Chocolate Beauties How To Afro-Samba [Video]

“Good Lord!” The two chocolate colored honey’s closest to the camera… Good Lord! Continue »

Kim Kardashian Lookalike From Kanye West Adult Film In Booty Twerk Contest! [Video]

Kanye probably found the chick after seeing this video. Her cake is stupendous!

Continue »

Rihanna “Over Shares” Her Freaky Night At Scrip Club… Taking Dancer Home!!! [Video]

Continue »

Name That Donk

Stevie J and Joseline

These cakes belong to a reality show “starlet” who just gained her claim to fame this year. Can you guess who she might be? Continue »

Basketball Wives L.A. Party Hosted By Brooke Bailey (2 Vids): Other Reality Rats Show Love! [Video]

The backs’ are just busting out them dresses at this party… wow!

Continue »


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