Weirdo Pervert Breaks In To Multiple Homes To Beat Himself And Spread Seed On Peoples Stuff While Watching Internet Adult Movies! [Video]

SMH @ people giving back this guy’s lubricant and “he’s not dangerous… just sick!”

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50 Shades Of Slay: One-Time Believes Three Suspects In Killing Of Marine’s Wife Were Into Some Kinky Isht …

Cory Killgore Brittany Dawn Killgore

Marine’s Wife Suspected Killers Linked To Alternative Sex Lifestyle

Keep thinking that “50 Shades Of Grey” business is a cool way to get your kicks. It’s looking like it got this woman murked and another one taking the rap for her nasty freakazoid lover.

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Big Becky Says “Marathon Sex With My Ex Helps Me Lose The Weight… He Puts It DOWN!” [Video]

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