Sh*t Is REAL: Nicki Cusses Mariah Out During Idol Auditions!!! [Video]

Now we didn’t see this coming… Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Lyfe Jennings Turns Up On K.Michelle For Skipping Show And Not Wanting To Open For Him Because She Is The “Bigger” Artist

If there are “0 F**ks Given” then why not just take yo’ a$$ on stage regardless of who you open for?? Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Amare Stoudemire Counsels 250 Teenage Inmates At Rikers Island On

We usual like to roast Amare a lot for his suspect wardrobe, but today he gets a pass… Continue »

On The Come Up: A Judge Discharges Struggle-Baller Warren Sapp From Bankruptcy

He must have sold a LOT of those Jordans he had… Continue »


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