Can I Borrow $1?: Millionaire Celebs Who Went Broke

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Eat A Sandwich: 15 Shocking Celebrity Slim Downs [Photos]

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High Drama: 16 Reality Shows With Real Life Scandals [Photos]

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You’re Delusional: 10 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ep. 7 [Photos]

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In what should be a surprise to no one, the ladies of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood continue to show epic levels of thirst and delusion.
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16 On Again Off Again Celebrity Couples [Photos]

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Taylor Swift Slandered For NYC Global Ambassador Tag [Photos]

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Ebola Halloween Costumes Are Selling Like Hotcakes [Photos]


Stars Who Had Their Blackness Questioned [Photos]

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Drake Drops 3 New Songs; “6 God”, “Heat Of The Moment” & “How Bout Now” [LISTEN]


Drake’s birthday was on Thursday (Oct. 23), but on this Saturday (Oct. 25) the OVO honcho gifts the Internets and his fans with three new songs, “6 God,” “Heat Of The Moment” & “How Bout Now.” Continue »

15 NBA Players Who Suffered Career-Ending Injuries

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It was crushing to see that Steve Nash will miss another full NBA season due to injury, as the news signals that retirement could be on the horizon. Continue »

We Are OVO: 11 Dudes In Drake’s Crew [Photos]

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October’s Very Own has such a busy life that it’s important that he keep the right clique floating around his cypher of greatness. Continue »

Biological Didn’t Bother: 11 Adopted Celebrities [Photos]



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