Get Your Life Together: Rodney King Gets Popped, Again, For Driving While Slizzed… AGAIN

Rodney King Arrested On Another DUI Charge

You would think, after all that he has been through, that Rodney King would do everything in his power to avoid unnecessary run ins with the law. Continue »

Ego-Trippin': Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz And J.Lo Actin’ Like A Bunch Of Beyotches On The Set Of Their New Film

Chris Rock Jennifer Lopez Cameron Diaz

Beeeyatcha$$ness alert! What is really good with the production of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting?” Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Herman Cain Says “Impeaching Obama Would Be A Great Thing To Do”

Herman Cain

We thought this fool was gonna drop out of the race. SMH. Continue »


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