Arrests: A Man Has Been Arrested In Connection With A Shady Looking Vehicle Left Outside Of The Pentagon

C’mon now, you we don’t play that “suspicious” sh*t around our government buildings. Continue »

Before He Resigns: A Look At The Many Women Of Congressman Anthony Weiner

weiner wife

Reports are swirling that congressman Anthony Weiner will resign later today but before he does, let’s take a look back at the ladies whose names have been dragged into this mess. Continue »

Pigs Fly: Even Bill O’Reilly Isn’t Feeling Lupe Fiasco And His Anti-Obama Statements

Lupe Fiasco Bill O'Reilly

You know you’re touched when Bill O’Reilly takes Barack Obama’s side over yours. Continue »

The Not-So-Big Three Eat Some Humble Pie And Little Baby Bron Bron Apologizes For Being All In His Feelings

LeBron James Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh Press Conference

After taking a day or so to cool off, LeBaby took advantage of the Miami Heat’s exit meetings on Tuesday to clarify his statement about his critics and their still-sh*ty lives. Continue »

Soulja Boy Has No Problem With White Folks, His Hacker Does

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy caught a little diarrhea of the mouth on Facebook over the weekend. Continue »

SMH… Thuggish Ruggish Teresa Giudice And Shady Hubby Joe In Trouble Again For Catching Fade At Dominican Republic Hotel

Teresa and Joe Giudice

Teresa “Thug-Life” Giudice and her Hubby “Crooked” Joe Giudice are making headlines again for scrapping so hard in the D.R. Joe and his friends broke A COP’s arms and legs!!! Continue »

You Done Messed Up Now: President Obama Kindly Suggests That Congressman “Let Me Show You My” Weiner Sits His A** Down

President Obama Congressman Weiner

Over the last few days, every single Democrat in offense who has been asked, has told New York congressman Anthony Weiner to take his sexting and twitpic-ing self out of office. Continue »


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