Halle “I’ll Never Get Married Again” Berry Is Engaged To That French Guy… For Real This Time

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez

SMH… Look what you made her do Catch Fade Gabe! Continue »

Do You Recognize These Cakes! Cakes! Cakes!?!

Rihanna arriving at Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, CA.

This should be a piece of “cake” riiiiight? Continue »

Bangers: C-Milli Spotted In Hollyweird Lunching With Her Mom And Friends

Christina Milian Lunches with Friends at Sur in Los Angeles

We don’t know about this get up. Are you feelin’ it? Continue »

Are You There GLAAD, It’s Me Connor: Is Anybody Gonna Check Tom Cruise’s Kid For His Post Superbowl “Homophobic” Twitter Rant?

They came at Roland Martin’s neck over his tweets, but is anybody gonna say anything to this son of a “Top Gun” for his “gay” comments? Continue »

Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Tig Ole Bitties And Talks About Getting Chopped Down By Her ‘Good Man’ [Video]

ChitChatter: Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Tig Ole Bitties And Talks About Her ‘Good Man’ On Chelsey Lately [Video]

Kelly Rowland let her hair, her guard and her top down during her appearance on Tuesday’s “Chelsea Lately.” Continue »

Hoy In Mi Gente News: Christina “Juicy Leg” Aguilera Covers LATINA Magazine And Talks About Stuffing Her Fat Face In Bed

Christina Aguilera

Here we go again with this broad talking that “I don’t have to prove my ethnicity yang…” Continue »


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