ChitChatter: Hairy Potter And His “Magic Wand” Aren’t Checking For Your Box If It’s Got A Brazilian

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe

Wow… who even wanted to know that much information about Harry’s wand??? Continue »

In White Folks News: Brad Pitt Says The Kids Are Pressuring Him To “Put A Ring” On Angelina Jolie’s Skinny Finger

Brad Pitt Kids Pressure Him To Marry And Put A Ring On Angelina Jolie

Six kids and some odd years later, Brad Pitt is ready to “Do the right thing”: Continue »

Celebrity Cribs: Take A Look Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Brand New $21 Million Dollar Mod Pad [Photos]

Jennifer Aniston New LA Home $21 Million [Photos]

Wanna see Jennifer Aniston’s new digs?? Continue »

Can You Spell That? Celebrity Kid Names That Are Way Weirder Than Blue Ivy Carter

bey jay blue

These crazy names make Blue Ivy sound like it’s as normal as Sue Beth. Continue »

SMH: Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Believe That Daughters Kendall And Kylie Will Have To Go To College

Bruce Jenner and Kylie Jenner with Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

We know they are already working, but these folks are just like, “eff an education?!” Continue »

Poor Thang: Tim Gunn Of Project Runway Hasn’t Had Sex In 29 Years

tim gunn gay

29 years?!?!?! Continue »


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