In White Folks News: Jessica Simpson Is Knocked Up And Preparing To Tell The World!

jessica simpson pregnant

Uhhhh, since everyone and their great-grandma is toting a gut full these days, not sure how bid this announcement is going to be for Jessica:

Jessica Simpson is preparing to announce to the world that she is pregnant Continue »

The Side-Eye: Bethenny Frankel’s Mom Talks Some Yang About Her And Says She’ll Be Getting Divorced Soon?!?!

Bethenny Frankel Jason  Hoppy Brynn

If you know anything about Bethenny, you know her mom is a prime candidate for “Epitome Of A Bad Mother!” Continue »

You Likey? Male Model Poses As A Woman And Looks Better Than Most Broads In The Game

Andrej Pejic Male Model As A Woman

Andrej Pejic is an androgynous model who makes a living off of being able to look good as either a man or a woman. Continue »

Hmmm… Is Joe Jonas Trying To Take Justin Timberlake’s Spot In Black Girl’s Hearts??

Joe Jonas Releases Just In Love Remix With Lil Wayne

Joe Jonas has a new single called “Just In Love.” We think it’s supposed to be his full-on leap into all the edginess that’s supposed to make us forget about those Jo-Bro promise rings. Continue »

Very Niiiiiiiice! Check Out How Sacha Baron Cohen’s Been Living Off Those Ali G & Borat Checks

Inside Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fischer's Hollywood Hills Rental

We honestly didn’t know that Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fischer had put in enough work to be living like this. Continue »

Johnny Depp Covers Vanity Fair: Photo Shoots Make Me Feel Like I’m Being Raped… Weird!


As Johnny Depp poses for what is almost a picture perfect cover Continue »

In Shocking White Folks News: Kat Von D Confirms That Dirty Dog Jesse James Cheated On Her Too

Kat Von D Hints At Jesse James Infidelity On Twitter

Poor Kat! There’s no way in hell she could have seen this coming. Continue »

Dayuuum!!!!! Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore’s $290 MILLION Divorce?!?!?!?!

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's $290 Million Divorce


Demi Moore has had enough of her husband Ashton Kutcher’s philandering and is ready to call it quits Continue »


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