Dirty Dog Diaries: Arnold Schwarzenegger Complained About A “Sexless Marriage” Prior To Slizzard Sexing & Impregnating The Help

Mildred "Patty" Baena Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Sperminator ain’t sh*t:

Arnold Schwarzenegger began a secret affair with his housekeeper after complaining about his ‘sexless’ marriage with wife Continue »

For Discussion: White People Believe They Are “Victims” Of Racism


Most of the white folks we know be swirling it up, but apparently the ones that aren’t are hating on America’s “post-racial” situation… Continue »

In White Folks News: Newlywed/Homewrecker LeAnn Rimes Out Flossin Her Skinny Bikini Body In Mexico

Skinny LeAnn Rimes in a bikini with  husband Eddie Cibrian Vacationing In Mexico

Skinny LeAnn Rimes was out flexing that bikini body of hers out in Mexico Continue »

To Whom Does This Nasty Grubby Foot Belong??

Nasty foot

Ever since her famous hubby died 17 years ago, this chick’s life has been a public train wreck which, every so often makes a stop at normal. Which is why she can be at Cannes. And then embarrass all of America like this. Can you guess who it is? Continue »

Pure Comedy: Even Faux News Head Honchos Think Sarah Palin Is An Idiot And The Republicans Are Out There Fawking Up

Roger Ailes Fox News Sarah Palin

Poor thang! It might just be time for Sarah Palin to take her maverick a$$ back to Alaska, where none of us have to worry about her at all anymore. Continue »

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