Slizzed In The Duggout??? Report Claims “Bored” Red Sox Pitchers Were Drinking Pitchers During Games

Three Boston Red Sox Pitchers Accused Of Drinking In The Dugout During Games

Well, that’s one way to deal with the rest of your team’s wack-ness… Continue »

Hold Up, Woah Dere: New Lawsuit Says Ashton And Demi’s Matrimony-dom Isn’t Even Legal

Lawsuit Claims Ashton And Demi Aren't Legally Married

Hmmm… Maybe Ashton Kutcher isn’t quite the dirty, cheating, adulterous dog that little blonde floozy would have us all believe. Continue »

Urban Outfitters Has The Navajo Nation’s Panties In A Bunch… Literally

navajo panty

The corporate culture vultures are at it again… Continue »

Catholics Stand Up?!: Susan Sarandon Calls The Pope A Nazi!

Susan Sarandon Calls the Pope a Nazi

Talk about speaking your mind… Continue »

Bickering Broads: Kelly Osbourne Blasts Christina Aguilera For Being Overweight…”I Was Never As Fat As This Beyotch”

kelly christina

Kelly Osbourne goes in (once again) on X-Tina Aguilera and her lil chubbylumpkin self: Continue »

In White Folks News: Dentist Confirms Lindsay Lohan’s Rotten And Disgusting Grill Is From Smoking Those Rocks

lindsay lohan disgusting yellow rotten teeth

Lindsay Lohan needs to cop her some nice veneers for the next time she’s in public! Continue »


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