Baby Mama Drama: Linda Evangelista Seeking $46,000 A Month In Child Support From Salma Hayek’s Billionaire Hubby

salma francois linda

This guy can certainly afford it:

Salma Hayek’s husband may soon be digging deep into his pockets for child support – $46,000 a month deep Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

14 year old girl has baby her parents are 29 years old

This family is not your “average” family… Continue »

Fellas, Would You Hit This??

Cameron Diaz Muscle Body In A Bikini On A Beach In Miami

Cameron “Killa Cam” Diaz, her prison body, and her fat rabbit were spotted on the beach in Miami rockin a yellow ‘kini.

Cameron Diaz Muscle Body In A Bikini On A Beach In Miami

Fellas, would you hit this???

Blast From The Past: Debbie Gibson And Tiffany Try Pulling A NKOTBBSB Style Comeback

Debbie Gibson at the Paramount Theater on July 31, 2011 in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Remember them? This is how you know the recession is still bad… Continue »

In White Folks With Drunk & High Kids News: Al Pacino’s Daughter Popped For DUI In NYC

al pacino julie pacino dui

Al Pacino’s daughter Julie was caught driving while slizzard and high off that kush: Continue »