Dirty Dog Diaries: The Sperminator Fights Maria Shriver Divorce Petition Over Spousal Support

Arnold Schwarzenegger Contests Maria Shriver's Request For Spousal Support

After everything he’s put her through, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t feel he needs to take care of the mother of most of his children after the split up. Continue »

Cradle Robbing Ryan Phillippe Has Been Chopping Down Former Disney Tenderoni Demi Lovato For Months!!!

Ryan Phillippe Demi Lovato

We knew the lil Disney broads were fast but this is just disgusting. Continue »

Who Woulda Thought? Paris Hilton Poses For V Magazine And Looks Halfway Classy For A Change

paris hilton

Well, it looks like Paris Hilton tried to doll herself up quite nice, but how long is this gonna last? Continue »

What Part Of The Game Is This?? Rachel Uchitel Gives Tiger Back The Multi-Million Dollar Settlement And Sues The Lawyer Who Got Her Paid

Rachel Uchitel Gloria Allred

We should probably know better than to try to make sense of ho-logic. But this was just too perplexing not to look into. Continue »

In Newborns Who Are Richer Than You News: Ivanka Trump Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Ivanka Trump Tweets Announcement Of Her Little Girl's Birth

Congratulations are in order for Ol’ Toupee Face Trump, who became a grandfather for the third time yesterday. Continue »

In White Folks News: Little Harper Seven Beckham Makes Her Facebook And Twitter Debut

David Beckham Cuddles With Brand New Baby Girl Harper Seven

Victoria Beckham caught a late night/early morning photo of her husband and the new girl in his life last night. Continue »


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