Kush Chronicles: Justin TimberFake Explains Why He Smokes That Sticky Icky!!

justin timberlake smoke

Justin Timberlake reveals to Playboy magazine that he likes to burn that ya mean! Continue »

SMH… Thuggish Ruggish Teresa Giudice And Shady Hubby Joe In Trouble Again For Catching Fade At Dominican Republic Hotel

Teresa and Joe Giudice

Teresa “Thug-Life” Giudice and her Hubby “Crooked” Joe Giudice are making headlines again for scrapping so hard in the D.R. Joe and his friends broke A COP’s arms and legs!!! Continue »

Angelina Jolie Goes Barefaced, Barefoot, And Rocks Her Own Gear For New Louis Vuitton “Core Values” Ad

angelina jolie louis vuitton ad

Angelina Jolie has gone all the way au natural for LV’s brand new “Core Values” campaign, wearing no make up, shoes, and donning her own clothing: Continue »

Is Justin Beiber About To Be A Teen Dad???

Selena Gomez rushed to hospital

We hope this isn’t the case, but facts are definitely pointing to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’ puppy love having gotten a little too real. Continue »

Bad Teachers: Jason Segel On Lebron Vs Michael Jordan, And Interviews With Lucy Punch, And Phyllis Smith! [Video]

Check out Jason Segel’s interview below.

Now, check out what Lucy Punch and Phyllis Smith had to say below.

What Is Wrong With These Cakes???

Deena Nicole Cortese The girls from 'Jersey Shore' show off their booties

Deena Nicole Cortese from the Jersey Shore was spotted out on the streets with her backs on blast. Continue »


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