Are You Feeling Former “Superbad” Chunk Chunk Jonah Hill’s New Slimmy Trimmy Steez???

Jonah Hill before weightloss

Have you seen Jonah Hill lately?! He doesn’t look like this anymore. Continue »

On The Come Up: Tiger “Cheetah” Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Has A New Billionaire Boyfriend

elin nordegren bikini

Well actually he’s the “son of a billionaire”…. Continue »

In White Folks With Black Babies News: The Brangelina Wedding Talk Heats Up Again

Talk Of A Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Wedding Heats Up Again

At this point, we all know that a Brad and Angelina wedding would just be for show. They have 6 kids: ain’t nobody going nowhere. Continue »

Hate It Or Love It: Little Dakota Fanning Chops Off All Her Hair

Dakota Fanning Debuts New Haircut On Movie Set

Here’s little Dakota Fanning on the set of her new movie “Now Is Good.” Continue »

In White Folks News: Old Head Model Cindy Crawford Flexes Her 45-Year-Old Cakes

cindy crwaford new pics

Here’s everyone’s favorite model from back in the dizzay, Cindy Crawford, modeling for some new Deichman Shoes campaign. Continue »

Lady Gaga Gets Egged In The Land Down Under

Eggs were thrown at Lady Gaga as she entered ARQ Nightclub in Sydney, Australia.

Lady Gaga was targeted by vandals outside of ARQ nightclub in Sydney … and they were armed! Continue »

Stand By Your Man: Justin Bieber Speaks On Yeezy, “He’s Not Really An A*shole”

Justin Bieber and Kanye West

Kanye West has rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way — most notably George W. Bush and Taylor Swift — but he at least has an ally in young Justin Bieber Continue »

Did You Know: British Newspaper Owned By Faux News Owner Rupert Murdoch Shut Down For Buying Tips From One-Time And Other Sleazy Tactics

News Of The World shut down

What do you do when one of your business’s shady tactics come to light, especially when that business’s business is putting others on blast? Continue »


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