Freaky Little Brits: The Middletons Like To Get Naked And Shake Their Royal Cakes

pippa middleton naked

Well, well, well. It looks like the Middletons are a randy crop of kids after all. Continue »

Something About Bristol Palin Looks Different…But We Can’t Put Our Nose On It

bristol palin nosejob

Bristol Palin, after embarrassing herself and America on Dancing With The Stars, went ahead and cashed in on teenage pregnancy by handling speaking engagements across the country. Of course these speaking engagements for the good of the young girls out there meant that Bristol earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How did she spend it? Apparently by getting a nose job. Obviously she learned from her mom that if she looks better then she doesn’t have to maintain the minimum IQ necessary to function in society in order to make it. They’ll probably try to convince us that she didn’t get a nose job and it’s just camera angles. And we’ll believe them because the Palins never lie.

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Katie Couric Signs $20 Milli Deal With ABC!

Make way Soap Operas, Katie Couric is coming for your time slot! Continue »

In White Folks Who Can’t Get Right News: Say Goodbye To Skanky Lindsay Blo-Han

Lindsay Lohan for Blank Magazine

This is Lindsay Lohan’s latest photo shoot, for the May 2011 issue of Blank Magazine. Continue »

Isn’t He Married??? Canada’s “Future Prime Minister” Caught Naked In Brothel With 5′ 10″ Asian Prostitute

jack layton and wife olivia chow

Damn, we wonder how much 5’10″ Asian hoes are going for these days…. Continue »

Manly Broads: Cameron Diaz, Her Yokes, And Her Crotch Cover Elle UK

cameron diaz elle uk june 2011

Here’s a lil sneak peek of Cameron “Strong Jaw” Diaz on the cover of Elle UK’s June 2011 issue Continue »