From Nicki Minaj To All The Haters: “If You’re Smart Then Pay Attention To Me… I’m Showing You B*tches How To Do This!!!”

"Nicki Minaj on Vibe"

It seems that Nicki Minaj is always going to be at the center of hate because she is an easy target. It’s one thing to make it to the top with raw talent, it’s another thing to make it to the top with bubble gum candy corn kit kat rhymes. With that being said…

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Grace Jones on Lady GaGa: “I’d Prefer To Work With Someone Who Is More Original And Not Copying Me …”

"Grace Jones Lady GaGa"

Grace Jones, one of the most scary androgynous people – PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!!! In a recent interview, where she was four hours and three minutes late, Grace opens up about being a model, drugs, sex, her son Paolo and Lady GaGa. This OG is craaaazzzeeee…

When Grace Started Modeling…

“When I started modeling, I’d raise my arms and it was all muscle and all the other models had nothing. Continue »

Producer Bangladesh Says Timbaland And Neptunes Had Their Time And Polow… Is No Competition!!!

"Music Producer Bangladesh"

People that work behind the scenes in the music industry don’t always received the credit and recognition that they deserve. Producer Bangladesh, who has popped out major jawns for Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Kelis and more, sat down with VIBE sharing his thoughts on certain producers that are tired and need to move over…

“I’m not disrespecting them because I was influenced by Timbaland and Neptunes and all of them, but your time came and went. Continue »

Which NBA Player Just Got Served With Divorce Papers And Is On The Prowl For Some Fresh Chickens?!?!


This NBA player has nothing to be happy about at the moment but he’s still getting it in. He was recently served with divorce papers and all his business is going to be aired on a new reality show. If you still don’t know who this is… Then you have been hiding under a rock!!!

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Last Time Chilli Was In Love Was 7 Years Ago, You Do The Math…

"What Chilli Wants"

Chilli’s new show “What Chilli Wants” is making a lot of noise. In a recent interview, she chops it up about what her son thinks about this whole dating on TV thing, the best date she has ever been on and the last time she was in love… 2003.

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Monica To George Lopez: “What You Talkin Bout Willis’… My Son Is Cuter Than Nick Cannon”

Monica on Lopez Tonight

Monica hit up Lopez Tonight and talked about how Twitter helped with the success of her new album. George Lopez showed a clip of Monica and her youngest son singing and compared them to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon…

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GTFOH: The Dream Says He Made R&B Somewhat Cool Again

The Dream

The Dream sat down with BET to talk about his third LP “Love King“, working with Ciara and his influential contribution to R&B. We believe that The Dream must have bumped his head at some point for these words to flow out of his mouth like diarrhea.

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Ginuwine Speaks On Timbaland: “Me And Tim Were Real Close At One Point. I Don’t Really Like Him. I Really Don’t…”

Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Ginuwine

In a recent interview with VIBE,Ginuwine dish the dirt on the relationship between him and producer Timbaland. These two came up at the same time, so one would think that they are still friends but… That is not the case:

“He really hasn’t been interested in working with me, so I can’t speak on the present,” Continue »

Some UK Rapper Looking For Shine Says “Kanye West Is A F**kin’ Idiot”… As If We Didn’t Already Know!!!

UK Rapper Plan B Disses Kanye  West

In a recent interview, UK rapper by the name Plan B decided to share his thoughts on Kanye West. Plan B says “Kanye is a f**king idiot and he knows it” but, what we don’t understand is… Why the hell would you name yourself after a contraceptive and then have the nerve to talk about someone else???

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*Bossip Exclusive* Tiny & Toya Discuss New Season, Family, And Weezy’s Ga-Zillion Kids

tiny and toya

Tiny & Toya sat down with BOSSIP to talk about the second season of their show on BET, “trying to get out of the shadows” of their significant others, clear up that whole “misunderstanding” about waiting 8-months before letting a guy soak up the panties, and much, much more…Continue

Question Of The Day: If Plies Was The Valedictorian Of His Graduating Class…Why Is That Frowned On In The Black Community?!?!

Plies on Shade 45 with Angela Yee

Most people know rappers don’t live the the thug life they glorify in their songs. It’s normally someone extremely close to them, whose life story they share. Plies gets a lot of heat for rapping about the streets because he supposedly was the valedictorian of his graduating class. So what if he did… Is that really a bad thing?!?! Continue »

Sanaa Lathan Says She Doesn’t Always Want The Role Written For A Black Woman, It Just Limits The Choices…”

Sanaa Lathan, Soul Culture TV

Sanaa Lathan is over in London flexing her broadway skills in the play “Cat On a Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams. In an recent interview, she speaks on what it’s like having a role in a play that was written for an all white cast.

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Brandy: “Ray-J Soakin’ Up Kimmy Cakes Panties… Ain’t No Way In Hell Would That Ever Happen Again!!!”

Brandy and Ray-J on the Cover of JET and on Lopez Tonight

Brandy and Ray-J hit up Lopez Tonight to promote their new reality show, “Family Business”. George Lopez asked Ray-J if he would ever chop down Kim Kardashian again, now that she is single. Before Ray-J could even think about it, Brandy handled that question!!!

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The Most Romantic Thing Tracy Morgan Ever Did For His Woman Is… Paint Her Toe Nails?!?!

Tracy Morgan on Oprah

When Tracy Morgan was chit chatting it up with Oprah, she asked him what is the most romantic thing that he has ever done for a woman. All of his answer were funny but yet sweet and simple… 1 Rose, a box of Calgon!!!

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*Bossip Exclusive*: Lance Gross On Getting Back With Eva… NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!! Exclusive with Lance Gross

When Bossip heard that Lance Gross and Eva Pigford called it quits, we had to hit him up and see what was the real reason for their break-up. Last Friday night, we had the chance to chop it up with Lance and all his chocolateness…

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