Shante Broadus Speaks With S2S: “When Snoop Wanted To Divorce Me, He Asked Me What He Should Do???”

"Shante Broadus Covers Sister 2 Sister Magazine"

Snoop Dogg… Behind every great man, they say there is a great woman and for Snoop Dogg it’s his wife, Shante Broadus. In the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Shante Broadus graces the cover. She breaks down what it’s like to be Snoop’s wife and what life was like when her marriage was on the road to divorce.

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Diddy Finally Speaks: “I Love Lil Kim And I Know She’s Mad But We Riding With Nicki Minaj!!!”

"Diddy Speaks on Lil Kim"

Diddy has finally decided to put his two cents in the mix of everything that’s poppin’ off right now with Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. This is another situation where Diddy should have kept his mouth closed because Lil Kim is about to go even harder…

Diddy: I want to say I love Lil Kim man and I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would have thought by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way but

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Lil’ Kim Calls Drake A Pu$$y For Talking Cash Sh*t And Wants Nicki Minaj To Stop Throwing Subliminal Shots!!!

"Lil Kim Calls Drake a Pussy"

Lil’ Kim keeps coming for Nicki Minaj and now has added Drake to the madness. After Drake’s little rant in Connecticut, Kim gives one word that sums up Drake’s actions… PU$$Y!!! The Queen Bee is not backing down at all and keeps giving more with each and every interview that she does.

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Diddy Gets Put On Blast By Martin Bashir… Somebody Pass His A$$ A Jeffery!

"Diddy's Nightline Interview with Martin Bashir"

Diddy had an interview with the infamous Martin Bashir. Never have we ever seen someone make Diddy stumble over his own words. Martin asked Diddy about wanting to be emulated by all while having six children by different women… then followed by asking what type of example Diddy was setting???

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Drake Says “Rihanna Humped Me Then Dumped Me And I Feel Unsafe In Toronto At All Times”

"Drake and Rihanna"

Drake has finally decided to speak on his little moment with Rihanna , where she hit it and quit it. In a recent interview, Drake spoke on how Rihanna used him to write some songs for her latest album and then made him feel like a cheap little hooker. He also touches on when he was robbed at gunpoint back in Toronto…

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Khia Can’t Be Serious: What’s Wrong With This Video???

"Khia's Interview with ABC News"

Khia hit up ABC News to talk about her new single “Been a Bad Girl” and her tour. This has to be considered one of the fakest interviews anyone has ever seen. Pay attention to the lady interviewing Khia, is she playing her to the left or is she making fun of her???

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Common And Serena Williams Are Done… Common Is Yelling “I’m Single!!!”

"Common and Serena Break Up"

Common and Serena Williams are no longer together. Lately there has been a lot of back and forth about whether or not these two were still holding on but Common just confirmed it while Serena just finished serving it up at the French Open… Continue »

Drake Thinks Lil Kim Is Showing That She’s Losing It, Lil Kim Says It’s Bigger Than Some Catty Sh*zzz

"Drake, Lil Kim, Nicki"

Lil Kim has something to say and whatever it is, you can trust and believe it’s coming soon. Drake on the other hand, still feels the need to sharing his thoughts on the Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj situation. FYI Drake… you might need to just keep silent on this one because you have other things to worry about like ALBUM SALES!!!

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Lil Kim Gets A New Gig With Three Olive Vodka: “I’m Not Just Another Female Rapper… I’m A Brand!!!”

"Lil Kim and Three Olive Vodka"

Lil Kim has teamed up with Three Olive Vodka to debut their new purple vodka. With Kim signing to Jay-z’s Roc Nation and all this Nicki Minaj beef, it’s safe to say she is pulling out all the guns with the safety off. In a recent interview, Lil Kim refers to herself as a brand… Continue »

Oprah’s Love Slave Is Allowed To Speak: “The City Of Chicago Doesn’t Appreciate Or Value Her”

"Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham"

Oprah’s love slave Stedman Graham, also known as Mr. Oprah Winfrey, has decided to speak up for the apple of his eye. In a recent interview with Stedman seems a little irritated that the residents of Chicago are not paying homeage to Oprah for all that she has done… Continue »

Nicki Minaj Caught Swagga Jackin’ Tokyo Diva: “She Needs To Stop Doing Me… Imitation Isn’t Flattering, It’s Disrespectful!!!”

"Nicki Minaj Steals Tokyo Diva's Style"

Nicki Minaj is constantly being accused of swagger jackin’ Lil Kim’s steez. The one original thing that we all thought she owned was the clothes and crazy faces… now Nicki’s being accused of stealing that too. Tokyo Diva is putting Nicki Minaj on blast… “Nicki Minaj Stealing My Steez is a Conspiracy!!!Continue »

Geritol Greg Puts RHOA NeNe Leakes On Blast… Says He Spent $300K On The _______!!!

"Nene Leakes and Greg are Getting a Divorce"

Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is about to be back on the market. Her ever so loving husband Geritol Greg says they have been going through the motions and faking the funk for the cameras.

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T.I. On The Mo’Nique Show: “I Teach My Kids That They Will Never Have To Do What I Did To Be Successful…”

"T.I. on the Mo'Nique Show"

T.I. hit up The Mo’Nique Show the other night. Whether he was ready or not, Mo’Nique had him dishing out the details on prison, Tiny, his new album, children and his new movie.

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The Dream Says He’s The Hottest Free Agent In The Music Industry… GTFOH!!!

"The Dream's Interview @ V-103 with DJ Infamous"

The Dream must have been sippin’ Ciroc on the same bullsh*zzz that Diddy was when claim the title of Heavyweight Champion of Hip-Hop. In a recent interview at V-103 radio station in Atlanta, The Dream referred to himself as the “The Hottest Free Agent in the Music Industry”… C’MON SON!!!

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WTH: Jonah Hill Tells Diddy And Jermaine Dupri… “Why Don’t We All Just Suck Each Others D*cks?!?!”

"Jermaine Dupri and Diddy"

Jonah Hill stars in the new movie “Get Him to the Greek” with Diddy. During an interview, Jonah tells Jimmy Kimmel about what happened when he was partying it up with Diddy and Jermaine Dupri in Las Vegas. They were all on an elevator and Jonah yells out…

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