Hatin’ In The House Of The Lawd: Swirl Couples Banned From Membership At Kentucky Church

Stella Harville and Ticha Chikuni

Did we oversleep and miss the return of Jim Crow or something??? Continue »

Welcome To The Future: The UK Has Invented Urine-Controlled Video Games In Stalls

urinal game

Nothing about this seems like a good idea. Continue »

A Lil Positivity: Organs From North Carolina Fatal Attraction Murder/Suicide Victims Save 12 Lives

Mary Ann Holder and Hanna Leigh Settles

The niece and son of Mary Ann Holder, the woman behind the recent North Carolina “Fatal Attraction” shootings have saved a dozen lives thanks to organ donation. Continue »

SMH: Marching 100 Suspended, Sheriff Says Hazing Will Be Treated As Felony Following FAMU Drum Major Death

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University drum major Robert Champion, 26, died Saturday following a performance at the Florida Classic.

It is a damn shame when somebody has to DIE for hazing to be treated like the serious crime that it is. Continue »

Police Have Opened Two New Cases Against Penn State Perv Jerry Sandusky Involving Victims Who Are Still Minors

Jerry Sandusky

Police are investigating two new cases against Penn State alleged perv Jerry Sandusky Continue »

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