Pay Yo Bills: Struggle Baller Terrell Owens Slapped With $244K Tax Lien


Terrell Owens Owes $244K In Back Taxes

First Terrell’s becky files for divorce then tries to commit suicide and now this? We just hope T.O. doesn’t slit his wrists when Uncle Sam starts garnishing his wages.

According to TMZ:

Another day, another HUGE financial problem for Terrell Owens … this time, the former NFL superstar has been hit with a MASSIVE tax bill for allegedly failing to pony up nearly $250k in 2012. According to official docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the federal government claims Owens is in the hole to the tune of $244,391.52 for unpaid income tax from 2012.

Of course, that was the year Owens signed a deal for a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks … but was cut after only raking in $4,300. It’s unclear where Owens made the rest of his money that year.

It’s not the first time T.O.’s been accused of stiffing Uncle Sam — he racked up a $430k debt from 2005 to 2009, but paid that lien off just last year.

We reached out to T.O.’s camp to see if he’s handling this situation as well — but so far, no word back.

Why can’t T.O. get right?

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