Floyd Mayweather Should’ve Invited This Thick Hottie To His Cake-Clapping Fest

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Rihanna Turned this Colombian Cutie into a Star with a Single Tweet!

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Try Again, Try Again…13 Latinas Who Would’ve Been Better as Aaliyah in her Biopic

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Kim Kardashian, Move Over! 16″ Waist Latina Hottie Takes the Cake

This cray-cray chica has been tight-lacing for the last 7 years!

The First Mexican-American Playmate of the Year Will Fog Up Your Screen…

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Hottest Thick Girl on Instagram Who Puts Nicki Minaj to Shame!

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Celebs Who Seemed Cool But Turned Out To Be Weirdos

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Charlie Villanueva’s New Fiancée, Michelle Game, Is One Hot Video Vixen!

Let’s take a looksie at the Latino NBA star’s wife-to-be with her steamiest social media pics! Continue »

Top Latino Voices On Twitter


Mayoli Sena – What You’d Want Your Girlfriend To Look Like

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In Loco News: Is Suge Knight Immortal?

It seems Knight can survive shootings, prison and even a nuclear explosion! Continue »

#Shhh: Latino Celebs Who Kept Their Heritage Under Wraps

Not everyone wants to say they’re Latino in Hollywood… Continue »


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