Celebrities Who Married Their Jumpoffs

Amina Peter

Peter Gunz may be scandalous, but he’s not alone.

Where Are They Now? People Who Squandered Their Reality TV Opportunities

reality tv fails

Why go on reality TV and expose your life if you have no interest in taking advantage of it?

9 Actors Who Could Play The Lead In The Tupac Biopic


The film now has a shooting date, producers, and more–but no lead actor.

Celebs Who Are Related And You Ain’t Even Know It


From first cousins to father and daughter and more, these celebrities have family in popular places…

Nothing’s Wrong With A Lil Bump N’ Grind: Freaky Songs From Back In The Day

R Kelly

These slow jams made the ’90s a helluva decade (and a baby-making one too)…

Celebs Who Went Through Some Weird Phases


On the road to fame, some stars did the absolute most for attention.

Shows Everyone Talks About That You Should Watch

shows you should watch

Believe the hype, these shows are pretty friggin’ awesome.

Celebs Who Got Engaged After Leaving A Long-Term Love


These folks were the one before “The One.”

Man Of Who? 15 Of The Most Suspect Preachers Around


We’re always surprised at how many “men of God” turn out to be low-down or down-right devious.

No Act Right: Musicians Who’ve Been Attacked By Fans


With fame comes fans, and with fans sometimes comes a crazy person or two.

Black Folks ARE In Iowa: Celebs From The Hawkeye State

T Boz PF

And some of the most popular ones are from the Hawkeye state!

Annoying Things Men Have To Stop Doing In Night Clubs


Night clubs: 20% fun, 80% BS you have to navigate at every turn — 100% of which is brought on by the male patrons.

Meet-An-Inmate.Com? 9 Of The Oddest Dating Sites

online dating

Okay, maybe you don’t want to date an inmate…how about a BDSM fan?

15 Controversial Celebs Whose Names Are Insults Now

R. Kelly performs live in Florida

These celebrities never managed to outlive their most embarrassing/trifling moments.

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