Where Are They Now? Reality TV One-Hit Wonders From Basketball Wives And Love and Hip Hop

Reality TV where are they now Reality TV isn’t for everybody, and the following people learned that the hard way.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Celebs Who Announced To The World That They’re Gay

ellen page

Coming out to your family and loved ones certainly isn’t always an easy thing to do, but these entertainers took it once step further and told the world.

You Fancy, Huh? 14 Extravagant Valentine’s Day Gifts From Celeb Couples Past And Present



From lilac Bentleys to platinum phones to actual weddings and even an actual tree, these folks went all out.

Beyoncé 101: Celebrities With College Courses That Study Their Lives

celeb college courses

Not only can we watch celebrities in movies and on TV, but now we can also study them in college.

Should I Have Issues With My Man’s Instagram Likes?

Woman-Cell-Phone-378x340 Continue »

Black Beauties To Know And Love For Black History Month: Jayne Kennedy

jayne 1

Kennedy is a woman of firsts: First black woman to win Miss Ohio, first black woman on the cover of Playboy, and one of the first women to be a sportscaster on TV.

9 Reasons We Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Mary Jane Paul

Mary Jane

Every week Mary Jane Paul is doing something to get us riled up and shake our heads, but we realized, at the end of the day, we still kinda love this girl.

Proceed With Caution: 15 Types Of Guys Who Aren’t The Easiest To Date


These guys aren’t impossible to date when it comes to relationships, but be prepared for what they bring to the table.

The Great White Hype: Classic White Savior Movies


Hollywood just loves to have a white person donning a cape come in and save some poor, helpless, black soul. That’s why there are so many…

No Way! Celebrity Ages That Shocked Us

Celebrity ages PF

The ages of these famous folks were a complete surprise to us, since they look a whole lot younger or older than what their birth certificate says.

Married Celebrity Men Known For Flirting With Women Who Aren’t Their Wives


Check out 10 famous married men who are known for letting their eyes wander and need to get it together.

Did Y’all See? Black Women Criticize Sistas For Wearing Red Lipstick


Do you wear red lipstick? Continue »

You Mad Tho’: 11 Signs That Your Man Resents Your Success

87687593-378x338 Continue »

Happy Birthday JT! Songs You Didn’t Know Justin Timberlake Wrote

Justin Timberlake

To help him ring in his 33rd year, we found a few songs by the singer that you might not have known he wrote.

Celebrity Women Who Tried To Keep Their Pregnancies A Secret


But they were honestly some of the worst-kept secrets.


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