Girl’s Best Friend: Getting Dumped Is More Likely About Him Than You


Although I hate to admit, I have been dumped a couple of times. Continue »

Unibrow Swag: Celebs Who’ve Proudly Rocked Unibrows In The Past And Present

J. Cole PF

Don’t front, you know you love a clean yet furry unibrow too…

Unbalanced Love: Celebrity Couples Where One Person Seems More Into It Than The Other


We have a hunch that with these celebrity couples, one person is a little bit more into it than the other.

Ya’ll Clean Up Nicely! What The Stars Of “The Walking Dead” Look Like Away From The Apocalypse

Walking Dead

When our favorite characters aren’t doused in dirt, zombie blood and guts, they’re actually quite fabulous looking people.

It Ain’t None Of Your Friends Business…Celebrity Couples Who Are Notoriously Private



Though quite a few celebs like to share every detail about their lives, there are still some stars who like to keep their private lives very private.

Blonde Ambition: Are Black Women Aiming To Be Marilyn Monroe?


Every once in a while in the black beauty world the blonde bomb drops. Continue »

12 Overrated Times to Have Sex


You Better Work! The Best Dressed Stars On The Red Carpet This Award Season


We’ve made our picks for the best red carpet fashions this season, but here’s your turn to weigh in.

Breezy’s Not Alone: Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder


These famous folks have spoken out about dealing with bipolar disorder.

Poor Tink Tink: Group Members Who Never Got To Shine

Michelle Williams

We’re finally giving these folks the shine they were missing in their careers in a boy band or girl group.

10 Successful People Who Lost It All


Many have bounced back, but others haven’t been so lucky.

Where Are They Now? Some Of Motown’s Biggest Acts

lionel richie

We know what happened to Marvin, Michael, Stevie and more, but where did these other big acts go?

Bend Down And Gimme A Kiss: 11 Famous Folks Who Are Much Shorter Than Their Spouses


They might not see eye-to-eye (literally), but these folks are head-over-heels for one another.

26.2 Miles Of Blood, Sweat, And Hills: Celebs Who Have Run A Marathon


Here are 14 celebrities who have run a marathon — all 26.2 miles.


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