You’ve Certainly Changed…Child And Teen Stars Who Look A Lot Different Than We Remember

teen stars

Sometimes some of our favorite stars can get a little work done here, gain a bit of weight there and change there look in such a drastic way that we can’t help but ask: “What happened!?”

“Mama, I Smoked The TV!”: Actors Who Played Convincing Drug Addicts On The Big Screen


These stars had to reach deep inside themselves and take a walk on the dark side to play a part most weren’t familiar with at all — a drug addict.

So You Think You Can Rap? 15 Of The Worst Rapletes (Athletes Turned Rappers)


When you’re really good at one thing, sometimes it gives you the feeling that you’d be good at anything…

White Don’t Crack Either? White Celebs Whose Ages We Can’t Believe


We’ve all heard the old adage: Black don’t crack. But these celebrities prove that for some, white doesn’t crack either. The following celebs don’t look anywhere near their age.


That’s How You Let The Beat Build: Popular Songs You Probably Didn’t Realize Kanye West Produced


While you know most of his contributions to music, here are a few bangers that you might not have realized he was behind.

Pole Splitting, Fish Dreams & Palm Itching: Superstitions Black Folk Can’t Let Go


The following superstitions, prevalent in the black community supposedly predict good, bad, and sometimes scary things to come.

Bad Mouthing An Ex: Is It Even Worth All the Drama?


Household Items Your Mama Wouldn’t Hesitate To Spank You With When A Belt Wasn’t Handy


Let’s just say, mothers are resourceful women.

11 Things Black People Love To Put Hot Sauce On


How many of you know a woman who carries hot sauce in her purse?

Teen Entertainers Who Turned Into Fiiiine Grown Men


The entertainers we loved as teens are all grown up now. They’ve graduated to adult acting roles — and adult bodies.

What Happened To The Summer Jam!? 11 Of The Best Songs Of Summer Over The Years

Summer Jams

Do you remember all the songs that used to get the party started for you over the years during summer? We’ve picked 11 of the best.

Started From The Runway Now They’re Here: 9 Celebrities Who Got Their Start As Models


Before these individuals were winning Academy Awards and starting major businesses, these ladies and gents were using their good looks to get ahead. Literally.

What Happened? Celebrities Who Should Have Had Bigger Careers


Well unfortunately, despite how promising things looked, these actors and actresses just couldn’t seem to break into the mainstream.

Forever Sheneneh, Ms. Trinidad, And Chilligan’s Island: The Funniest Moments From “Martin”


Whether he was Jerome, Sheneneh or just plain ol crazy Martin, there were way too many funny episodes and moments to count from the show. But we decided to try anyway.


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