11 Things Black People Love To Put Hot Sauce On


How many of you know a woman who carries hot sauce in her purse?

Teen Entertainers Who Turned Into Fiiiine Grown Men


The entertainers we loved as teens are all grown up now. They’ve graduated to adult acting roles — and adult bodies.

What Happened To The Summer Jam!? 11 Of The Best Songs Of Summer Over The Years

Summer Jams

Do you remember all the songs that used to get the party started for you over the years during summer? We’ve picked 11 of the best.

Started From The Runway Now They’re Here: 9 Celebrities Who Got Their Start As Models


Before these individuals were winning Academy Awards and starting major businesses, these ladies and gents were using their good looks to get ahead. Literally.

What Happened? Celebrities Who Should Have Had Bigger Careers


Well unfortunately, despite how promising things looked, these actors and actresses just couldn’t seem to break into the mainstream.

Forever Sheneneh, Ms. Trinidad, And Chilligan’s Island: The Funniest Moments From “Martin”


Whether he was Jerome, Sheneneh or just plain ol crazy Martin, there were way too many funny episodes and moments to count from the show. But we decided to try anyway.

15 Women We All Wanted To Be [Or Be With] When We Grew Up

Oh, THAT’S Your Sister? Celebrity Siblings People Don’t Talk (Or Know) About


Check out a few brother and sister pairings that many people don’t even know about.

Don’t Sleep! 9 Tyler Perry Movies That Aren’t That Bad


I’m here to let you know that not all of Tyler’s work is as bad as people would have you believe…

He Really Does Have That Whip Appeal: Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Babyface Wrote And Produced


Your iPod wouldn’t be the same without the brotha. Here are a few songs by the legend that you might not have known he was behind.

I Promise This Ain’t What You Want: The Biggest N-Bomb Controversies In History


Here’s a review of some of the biggest n-bombs in history and what the fallout says about when it is and isn’t OK to use the word.

Fake Looking Awake With These Beauty Must-Haves


Pied Pipeeeeer: 10 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know R. Kelly Wrote

R. Kelly

While you can often tell when he’s written a song for an artist, sometimes the Pied Pipers contributions go unnoticed. But he’s done jams for Maxwell, Toni Braxton and even Beenie Man…

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