Stick To The Booth Boo: Singers Who Are Terrible Live Performers


You don’t have to be a good singer to have a music career — just ask anyone on our list of 15 terrible live performers.

Access Denied: 9 Celebrities Who Tried To “Holla” At Other Famous Folks And Were Rejected


These famous folks just weren’t into certain celebrities trying to get a little too close…


Pop, Lock And Drop It: The Best And Worst Dance Flicks Of The 2000s


“You just mad…cause you suckas got served!”


Um, Who ‘Dat?! Wax Figures That Got It Way Wrong

Famous White Folks We Didn’t Know Were The Biological Parents Of Black Children

Famous folks kids


Here are 10 white celebrities who are the biological parents of black children.

How Do You Define Marriage Material? 15 Ways To Fit The Bill


What do you think it takes to make a woman marriage material?

And When She Get On, She Leave Yo Arse… More Famous Women Who Left Men When They Got On


Here are 10 more celebrity ladies who kicked their men to the curb after finding fame.

Woye, Ah Wotless! You Know You’re Caribbean When…



Woye! Big up yaself!

Posted Up In The Back: Music Group Members Who Never Got To Shine

Mr. Dalvin

Not all music group members are created equal.

Stereotypes About Light-Skinned Black Men That We Need To Put To An End


They’re not all sensitive and conceited. Don’t let the movies–or Drake–fool you.

The Hotheads Of Harlem: 9 Uptown Celebrities Who Will Put You In Check


Teyana’s not the only one that will treat your life. Check out these nine other Harlem-ites who are quick to put somebody in their place.

Roll Call! Signs You Went To An HBCU


If any of the following things happened to you while you were on campus, chances are you were at an HBCU.


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