Bet You Wish You Stayed: Celebrity Women Who Ended Up Being Bigger Than Their Famous Exes

bigger than their exes

These ladies became successful businesswomen, movie and TV stars and a wealth of other major things after dropping their dead weight, aka, their exes.

“What Was I Listening To?!” Music That Just Didn’t Hold Up Over The Years


Here are the artists we really thought had something, only to listen now and realize they just don’t do it for us anymore.

The Results Are In, Sort Of… Celebrities Who’ve Been Involved In Paternity/Maternity Scandals


Folks have been trying to say for years that Blue Ivy has a little brother out here…


Things We Don’t Miss About Club Life

Celebrities Who’ve Been Banned And Blacklisted For Dressing, Acting, Or Talking Crazy


Celebrities who’ve been banned or blacklisted can blame dress codes, politics, and just bad behavior for their exclusion.

Extra Random Hip-Hop Collaborations That Worked, And A Few That Made NO Sense

Katy Perry Snoop Dogg

Some of these songs had us talking because they were good, and others because they were absolutely terrible.

I’m Your Private Dancer: Artists Who Hooked Up With Their Backup Dancers

Prince and Mayte


What happens on tour doesn’t always stay on tour…

No Hair, Don’t Care: 11 Female Celebrities Who Look Fabulous With A Buzz Cut

buzz cut beauties

Who says you have to have a head full of hair (or weave) to make it in Hollywood? These beauties went with the buzz cuts and knocked the look out the park.

I Remember Where I Was When… Huge Moments In Pop Culture

Moving On Up.. Radio Personalities And DJs We Love!



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