Nobody’s Teasing Them Now: Celebs Who Were Bullied Before They Were Famous


Even though these celebs are rich, famous and well-liked now, before  they were subject to all sorts of harsh words and actions back in the day.

He’s Really Not That Sick Of Love Songs Ya’ll: 9 Jams You Probably Didn’t Know Ne-Yo Wrote

Ne-Yo PF

He can express the emotions of a fed up woman better than most women can! And that’s why Ne-Yo is a successful songwriter…and rich.

So You Not Gone Tell Nobody? Surprising Actor Replacements That Were Snuck In On Us


No one likes to tune in to their favorite show to find that one of their favorite characters has been replaced.


It’s About To Go Down: Best BET Award Moments Of The Last Decade


With the BET Awards fast approaching, it’s only fitting to relive some of the most memorable BET Awards show moments ever.

White Folks Black People Love, Part 2


Yesterday, we gave you the beginning of our updated list of white people black folks love. Here’s the rest.

White Folks Black People Love, Part 1


You can’t deny that there are some lily white Caucasians that black folks have taken and adopted as our own.

Money, Power, And No Respect: Politicians Who Notoriously Cheated On Their Spouses


Politicians take an oath to serve the country with integrity when they are sworn in, but most don’t seem to feel that same obligation when it comes to their spouses.

Radio Killaaaaaa: 10 Hit Songs You Probably Didn’t Know The-Dream Wrote

ZAEH_WEST_SHOT04-48gold / © Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC

He’s made millions off of songs that only last minutes. When it comes to the music, it’s clear that The-Dream is the definition of a hitmaker.

15 Minutes Only Took Them So Far: Reality TV Singing Contestants Who Flopped

Reality competition

These hopefuls prospered while on TV, but flopped when the seasons ended and they had to maintain their fame all on their own.

North West Has Nothing On Moxie Crimefighter: 10 Ratchet But Lovable Celebrity Baby Names You’ve Got To See

Celebrity Baby Names


Face it. When it comes to Hollywood baby names, celebrities like to keep it interesting.

Mama, I Wanna Sang: Were They Actors Or Trying To Have A Singing Career?


These celebs are not just known for acting in some of our favorite shows but they also made it known that they have a passion for singing.

Milk Carton Characters: Actors Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Our Favorite Shows


Writers may think we don’t notice when their characters up and disappear, but we do.

Where Are They Now? The Super-Fine On-Screen Boyfriends (And Husbands) We Wanted For Ourselves From Black Sitcoms

Cute boyfriends

Where have some of our favorite crushes gone? Let’s take a look shall we! Be warned, some have changed big time…


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