Is It Really Time For The Percolator? 11 Of The Most Random And Ratchet Dances We Did Back In The Day

Woman dancing PF

From the cry baby to the stanky legg, these were some of the most random and ratchet (but fun!) dances we called ourselves trying to do back in the day.

Celebrity Men Who Are Clearly Going Through A Midlife Crisis

Kirk Frost II


Getting older certainly isn’t easy and while some men age with grace and dignity, these 15 stars have been anything but graceful.

Successful Actors Who Avoided The Curse Of Child Stardom

child stars

These child stars’ professional lives have been clean, drama-free, and accurate representations of their multitudinous talents.

So Y’all Don’t Fact Check? The Biggest Media Mistakes In Recent History

Jermaine Dupri

We depend on the media for all the news we need to know. But sometimes they get the news all the way wrong.

That Baby Hair Is Laid! Celebrity Men Who Spent More Time In The Shop Than Women

Men hair

Check out some famous fellas whose hair always stays (or stayed back in the day) laid. Sometimes a little too laid…


They Know They Got It: Celebrities Accused Of Being Cheap


These cheap celebrities have been accused of having short arms regardless of their deep pockets.

The Best Of The #WorstPickUpLines On Twitter


For the past 24 hours or so #WorstPickupLines has been trending on Twitter and, as expected, the responses run the gamut of hilarious, creepy, and just plain sad.

I Hate You So Much Right Now: 11 Celebs And The Infamous Songs They Wrote About A Famous Ex

Exes PF


Here are 11 songs by 11 artists about 11 famous exes (and in one case, an ex-boo’s family member).

7 Things You Think You Want Out Of Love, But Shouldn’t


If you’re still finding it hard to keep a relationship, there might be a few more relationship expectations you need to cross off that list.

We Fall Down, But We Get Up: Celeb Slips, Stumbles, And Spills (In Gifs Of Course)


We know accidents happen, but nonetheless, it’s still funny or in other cases, horrifying, as all get out.

You Sure You Wanna Eat That, Now? 10 Foods Too Messy For Public Consumption


if you can wait, please wait to have this top ten list of messy delectables until you are in the comforts of your own homes.


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