No Groupie Love Here (At Least We Hope Not…): NBA Ballers And Their Number One Fans–Their Boos

NBA Couples

Check out these ballers with their favorite girls. We’re loving it (groupies get back!).

Bite Size Ballers: The Shortest Guys In Hollywood Who Are 5’7″ And Under

shorter dudes


Here are 14 celebrity men who we could fit in the back of our pocket.

No New Fans: Reality TV Show Characters We Thought We Liked



Sometimes the more we get to know about these “celebrities,” the less we like them.

It Ain’t Just Ice Cube And Dr. Dre: Did You Know They Were From Compton?

NAACP Theatre Awards

Here are nine people from the much talked about city. Some you might have known about, but there are quite a few who definitely surprised us.

Jedi Mind Tricks: Ways Men Manipulate You Without You Knowing It



Men have all sorts of things they’re embarrassed to say, or they know will get them in a lot of trouble. So, they’ve had to come up with their own manipulative tactics.

Folks Have Been Living Foul Since The ’50s: Old School Celebrity Scandals We Almost Forgot About

R&B singer Rick James (1985) Way before Rihanna and Chris Brown, there was Tammi Terrell and David Ruffin.

Did You Know They Dated? Celeb Couples We Were Surprised To Learn Had Been Booed Up


From Jada Pinkett with Grant Hill to Christina Milian and Jamie Foxx, these couples tried to make it work in the spotlight without us knowing, and well, it didn’t.

He Don’t Want It: Surprising Deal Breakers For Men


You know the obvious deal breakers: too clingy, unfaithful, immature, princess mentality, etc. But believe it or not, men are sensitive to a few behaviors you wouldn’t think they notice.


Do Better: 9 Thoughts Of A Basic Chick


If you consistently find yourself subscribing to these dysfunctional schools of thought, then this is a wake up call, a plea to do better.

Excuse Me Miss, Can I Have Some C**chie? My Summer Jam Struggles & Successes

Chris Brown D. Peniston

My experience at Summer Jam: As we were walking out the door to get to the ATM, a man, who appeared to be homeless, looked up at me from his spot on the ground and asked with all sincerity,

“Excuse me miss, can I have some c**chie?”

I Knoooow You See It…Or Not: Things Men Do When You’re Not Watching


Men pretty much know everything we do behind closed doors, because we tell them about it, or blog about it, or Tweet about it. But we have our ways of figuring out what the oh-so-stoic man does when nobody is looking.

I’m A Grooown Woman, But I Sing And Talk Like A Child: Celebrities With Baby Voices

Braxton Family Values at STK

Lots of celebrities have made their names with they’re baby voices.

I Was Gonna See It…On Netflix: 9 Hyped Movies That Bombed At The Box Office Starring Black (And Brown) Folks


Before “After Earth” had its struggle performance at the box office this past weekend, there were plenty of movies with big names, big hype, and big money, that failed to perform the way we thought.