Happy Father’s Day! Our Favorite Big-Screen Dads

Here are fifteen film dads who left us wishing they were in our lives too!

Missed The Last Dance: Celebrities Who Didn’t Make It To Prom


Some were too busy balling, some had already started their careers and some just couldn’t get a date.

Half On A Baby, Perhaps? The Benefits Of Having Children


Having children also has its variety of benefits, from physical to emotional.

Where Are They Now? 10 Of Our Favorite TV Dads From Classic Black Comedies

Father's Day TV Dads

With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d take a minute out to shout out some of our favorite black TV dads who made some of our favorite shows even better.

Keep It On The Husshhh: Secrets All Men Like To Keep


No matter how well or how long you’ve known a man, even if he’s your husband, there are definitely some secrets that he is keeping from you.

No Groupie Love Here (At Least We Hope Not…): NBA Ballers And Their Number One Fans–Their Boos

NBA Couples

Check out these ballers with their favorite girls. We’re loving it (groupies get back!).

Bite Size Ballers: The Shortest Guys In Hollywood Who Are 5’7″ And Under

shorter dudes


Here are 14 celebrity men who we could fit in the back of our pocket.

No New Fans: Reality TV Show Characters We Thought We Liked



Sometimes the more we get to know about these “celebrities,” the less we like them.

It Ain’t Just Ice Cube And Dr. Dre: Did You Know They Were From Compton?

NAACP Theatre Awards

Here are nine people from the much talked about city. Some you might have known about, but there are quite a few who definitely surprised us.

Jedi Mind Tricks: Ways Men Manipulate You Without You Knowing It



Men have all sorts of things they’re embarrassed to say, or they know will get them in a lot of trouble. So, they’ve had to come up with their own manipulative tactics.

Folks Have Been Living Foul Since The ’50s: Old School Celebrity Scandals We Almost Forgot About

R&B singer Rick James (1985) Way before Rihanna and Chris Brown, there was Tammi Terrell and David Ruffin.


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