Exclusive: Apollo Nida’s Imprisoned Accomplice, Gayla St. Julien, Speaks On His Sentence And Claims Phaedra Knew Of His Crimes

Gayla St Julien and Apollo

St. Julien, 44, was reportedly depositing fraudulent checks, stolen retirement checks, and had opened 40 bank accounts under stolen identities to help Nida commit bank fraud.

Thanks…But No Thanks: 10 Unnecessary Movie Sequels We Could Have Done Without

Leprechaun II

You know you shook your head at these movies too…

10 Actors And Actresses You Didn’t Know Appeared On “New York Undercover” Back In The Day

Regina Hll

From Regina Hall to Viola Davis, these celebs got their start on this beloved show.

Why Are African-Americans Still Afraid Of HIV/AIDS?


With June 27 being National HIV Testing Day, last weekend I had the pleasure of viewing a movie so good I had to watch it twice. Continue »

Stop The Shenanigans: Celebrities Who Let Drama Get In The Way Of Their Talent

celebrity drama starters


These folks love to be in the middle of some foolishness.

Not Against A Little “Tap, Tap” – Do You Spank Your Child?


This past week, Taye Diggs was a guest on Wendy. During their couch chat, Wendy asked Taye if he spanks his 4 year-old son who he says is now beginning to get “sassy.” He said “Noooo!” Continue »

Do Romantic Comedies Ruin Relationships?

just-wright Continue »

15 Short Celebrity Romances You Probably Missed


If you blinked, you probably missed these flings.

Him So Funny — And Fine! Hollywood’s Cutest Funny Men


If it wasn’t enough that these men make us laugh, they also happen to be incredibly attractive.

Evening Eye Candy: Model, Dancer And Singer, Alvester Martin


Well hellooooooooo there…

Going Both Ways: Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Bisexual

No thanks

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