Him So Funny — And Fine! Hollywood’s Cutest Funny Men


If it wasn’t enough that these men make us laugh, they also happen to be incredibly attractive.

Evening Eye Candy: Model, Dancer And Singer, Alvester Martin


Well hellooooooooo there…

Going Both Ways: Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Bisexual

15 Celebrities Who Survived Or Were Victims In Serious Car Accidents


Some walked away unscathed, others had a few injuries, and a few didn’t survive.

Did You Say Meagan Good!? 11 Spot-On Or Hella Random Recommendations For Women To Play Aaliyah

Aaliyah biopic PF

Zendaya is a good choice to us, but folks on Twitter recommended the following women for Lifetime’s biopic.

8 Famous Lesbian And Bisexual Women Who Were Married To Men


There are actually a number of famous lesbian and bisexual women who were married to men at one point and time.


Father’s Day Fun: 5 Reasons To Date A Single Dad


Dating a single dad may seem threatening, but it comes with several benefits as well. Continue »

My Kid Caught Me Cheating…Now What?

caughtcheating Continue »

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cast Of “Orange Is The New Black” That Will Surprise You…


They’re as interesting off-screen as they are on-screen.


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