Steve Stoute Says LL Cool J Pulled A Fast One On The GAP Back In The Day

LL Cool J STeve Stoute

Steve Stoute has ensured The GAP will never live down one of it’s biggest embarrassments ever. Continue »

You Need More People: Hill Harper On Aaliyah “I Think She Liked Me” And Says He Taught Barack How To Dougie

Hill Harper Aaliyah

We know everybody has an Aaliyah fantasy but this guy took his a lil too far. Continue »

Must Be Nice: RihRih Yachtin’ And Flossin’ Her Swimsuit Bawwwwdy And Shizz Over In St. Tropez

Rihanna on vacation in south of France. Rihanna is seen in Saint Laurent du var port boarding a super yacht.

Rihanna was spotted living it up on vacay in the South of France Continue »


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