KRS-One Video Banned From Youtube!:”Real Terrorism” [Video]

Krs-One and Greenie “Real Terrorism” Shocking Video from Krs-Greenie Album on Vimeo.

Hip-hop legend KRS-One has found himself embroiled in more controversy behind his “underground viewpoint” and outspoken nature. Continue »

New Monica Ft Rick Ross “Anything” (To Find You) Music Video [Video]

This is sort of a remake of Biggie, right? Continue »

Kreayshawn Debuts New Jawn Ft Snoop Dogg & V-Nasty “Keep It Craccin'” [Video]

Rumor on the street is that V-Nasty is also working on a Mixtape with Continue »

International Quincy’s New Short Movie Trailer (6 Mins) “Vibrations” [Video]

Q’s Viral Music Project “VIBRATIONS” is coming soon and this short film-music video is directed by Kiarash “Fuxor” Behain.

Kreayshawn Diss By Persia Over Otis Beat: “F__k Kreayshawn And F__k V-Nasty… I Murder White B__ches… I Am OJ Simpson!” [Video]

Persia was a contestant that almost won one of the first reality shows… “The White Rapper Show” hosted by MC Search. Ya’ll remember that?

New Music: T-Pain Featuring Lily Allen And Wiz Khalifa “5 O’Clock”

After a long hiatus the auto-tuned crooner is back with a new banger Continue »

German Interracial Rapper’s “Jihad” Chants With Shout Outs To Bin Laden Has Officials Shook! [Video]

The man German security officials call a major security risk looks like a figure from a rap video, especially with the tattoos on his hands. The right one says “STR8,” and the left one “Thug.” Continue »


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