Miguel Takes The Futuristic Suspect Oufit Route For New Video “Sure Thing”

Miguel New Video: Sure Thing

After opening up for Trey Songz and Usher on the OMG Tour, Miguel has officially released his second single “SURE THING”. Being a new artist is never easy, but having a hit song with new comer J. Cole helps a lot… Until you show up in your video rocking pieces that look a little susssss—-

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Mary J. Blige And Lil Wayne Add A Little Something Something To That Diddy Dirty Money Track “Someone To Love Me”

Mary on Diddy Dirty Money: Someone to Love Me

Although Lil Kim is on some other sh*zzzz, Mary J. Blige is still getting it in with Diddy Dirty Money on new jawn “Someone To Love Me” with the cowboy swag. If you heard the original,then you’re not missing much but… take a listen: Continue »

Akon Sings This Line In New Jawn ft. Ludacris “Drop Down”: “Got A Taste Of This Big Mon-Ding-Go”

Akon ft. Ludacris "Drop Down"

Akon’s new jawn featuring Ludacris “Drop Down” will definitely be played in any club in Vegas but not so much on your local urban stations. Although dance records definitely work for Akon, what do you think it does for Ludacris??? Are we feeling this??? Maybe but…

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Hate It Or Love It?!?!: Eve Takes Another Crack At It But This Time With Will.I.Am “Make Up Sex”…

Eve New Music "Make Up Sex"

Yesterday, we debuted Alicia Keys new jawn ft. Eve “Speechless” and today, we have Eve’s new jawn ft. Will.i.Am called “Make Up Sex”. If we had to choose between the two we would pick… not-a-dayyumm one.

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New Music: 50 Cent Bugsy Gets His Eddie Long Swag On “Sunday Morning”

This is a new jawn from Bugsy where he appears to be the cleanest thug you’ve ever seen. Kinda looks like a certain peen-craving, pervert pastor, no??

Anyway, check out the record and state your piece below…G-G-G-G-…you know the rest.

New Music: Consequence co-starring Diggy Simmons & Mac Miller “I’m V.I.P.”

Consequence brings us a new jawn called “I’m V.I.P.” and he brought along The Good Reverend’s son, Diggy and new-comer Mac Miller for a sh*t-talkin’ track that you might need a wristband to bump. Continue »

Rick Ross New Jawn “RetroSuperFuture”… No More Raps About Pushin’ Weight, It’s About Pushin’ Chickens & Paper Plates


Rick Ross has laid out the blueprints of how he will spend the rest of his rap career in new jawn “Retrosuperfutre” and they are as follows: spitting lyrics about riding in fancy cars, recliner chairs, treating chicks like drive-bys, feeding his gut and the most productive thing he could ever do to make himself sound somewhat accepted… getting HIGH!!! Continue »

Sigh. Cassie Hasn’t Given Up On Her Dreams Of Being An R&B Chick Either

Cassie Bad Boy Recording Artist

Diddy said: “B*tch you gotta MAKE me money, to get MY money.” Then he made her a track. Continue »

Keyshia Cole Admits The First Single Ft. Nicki Minaj Wasn’t The Best Look But She Wanted To Make A Statement… “I Ain’t Thru”!


Keyshia Cole fell back from the scene to live her life; she found love, had a baby and today, her new album “Calling All Hearts” dropped. With the label not supporting her first single, “I Ain’t Thru” ft. Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole felt the need to make a statement even knowing that her fans probably wouldn’t be on board but… Now that the project is finally here, Keyshia admits that she should have went with her labels choice. Continue »

Two-Step Tuesday: Your New Music Guide For December 21, 2010


Heading to your favorite store’s Music department or browsing iTunes this afternoon? Here are this week’s new releases, some opinions, and a taste of what each has to offer.

New Video: Jim Jones Featuring Rell “Blow Ya Smoke”

The One-Eyed Willie brings us a new visual off of his new album CAPO, which is slated for a February release. Continue »