Lil’ Mo Back in the Studio

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lil mo babyphat

It appears Lil’ Mo will be back sooner than later:

R&B singer Lil Mo, who rose to game in 2000 thanks to Ja Rule’s hit single “Put It On Me,” recently landed a new record deal with Global Music Group, where she plans to release two albums.

Details about her first release through the label were not released at press time, but her as-yet-titled album is expected in 2009.

“We are honored to have Lil Mo as the newest member of our family here at GMG.” said Roland Turner, CEO of Global Music Group.

Mo’s hit single “Superwoman Pt. II,” from her debut album Based on a True Story, quickly became a chart topper, helping push her album to gold sales. She went on to release three more albums, but none were as successful as her first.

If GMG doesn’t dish out stacks for a dream team to produce this album, we don’t even want to think about what those album sales are going to look like.


Kanye on The Cover of Fader

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This is Kanye’s crunchy mug on the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of Fader magazine. Here’s a charming quote from the article:

“What I want is for people to realize at this point is, I don’t give a f*uck. That’s why I made this album. I’m using auto-tune because I don’t give a f*ck. I like the way it sounds.”

We also have more bean spillage off of Yay’s new new album featuring the Gobblin and their ever so trusty Vocoder. These cats think they’re singers now. SMH

Is anyone out there feeling Tell Everybody That You Know, by the dynamic duo?

Shout out to ICEDOTCOM.

Kanye’s “Heartless” Video

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We don’t think Yay will be too upset with himself over this video being broadcasted. This Cool World-esque cartoon is actually clean. Are you Bossipers feeling Kanye’s new vocoded out steez???

Single Tranny Files

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We think we may have opened the flood gates. Japanese members of Bey’s enormous gay fan base came out to greet her on a tv show in Japan:

The singer appeared on Japanese TV last night where she performed with Yajima Beauty Salon, a comedy musical troupe styled on the singer’s hit film Dreamgirls. The Japanese drag queens floated around the screen behind Beyonce as she gave her interview, repeatedly referring to her as their ‘sister.’ After the show Beyonce praised the performers saying,”You are all amazing.

We guess Bey having that mannish character in the Single Ladies video made her following feel even more comfortable. Prepare yourselves for more outlandishness from Sasha wannabes.

We have a sampler from her upcoming double album a new pic of her and Mama Knowles in their new Deron ad when you pop the hood on this thang… Continue »

Kanye West’s New Jawn: “Anyway”

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Here’s “Anyway” off of Kanye’s new album 808’s and Heartbreak.

Are you feeling his new jawn? More importantly, how many of you are planning to go out and cop this ish?

Keyshia’s New Video with Tupac?

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Keyshia is serious about denouncing her tack master title and its looking good. This song was on Pac’s Life, but you kids still need to hear him.

New Jawns: “I’m So Paid” & “Therapy”

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Here’s Akon’s new jawn, “I’m So Paid” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeezy. Then on the bottom we have Kanye with T-Pain. Obviously Yeezy knows that if you choke a b*tch, we’ll be the first to put you on blast so stay on your A-game.

Check out “Therapy” at the 2:37 mark and a snippet of the lyrics below.

“Remember those nights on the kitchen sink

I was choking you in good way, good way

Now we in the streets and I’m choking you in a hood way, hood way

When the cops come what I could say

You know how all that gossip is

Next morning Bossip, Perez…”

Mike Epps “Big Girls”

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You know that Mike Epps is a fool so enjoy. Shout out to all the Big Girls.

New Jawn: Jamie Foxx ft. T.I. “Just Like Me”

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jamie foxx

Earlier this month Jamie spoke to Britain’s “The Independent Newspaper” about the inspiration for his third studio album. He says new disc ‘Man’s Intuition’ was inspired by his frustration about understanding what the opposite sex really wants.

“On my radio show I have this panel of beautiful women and they were talking about how men with a lot of money aren’t all that. But if a guy has no money, that’s no good either. So I was thinking, ‘What does a woman want?’ We go from there and build the story and the songs.”

Check out the first single “Just Like Me” featuring T.I.

Yeezy’s Panties in a Bunch… Again

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Yeezy is a little ticked off at the leakage of the Robocop song but it seems like his people leaked the single. Who else could have? Here’s a snippet of the temper tantrum found on Kanye’s blog:



He’s out here doing all this posturing and sh*t, but we know what’s up. Sell your CDs, boy.

RiRi and TI On The Set of Live Your Life Video

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Ti and RiRi were on the set of Live Your Life, giggling it up and carrying on. We have more pictures from the shoot below.

Check under the hood for one last shot of the handsome pair. Continue »

More Kanye Leakage

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This is another leak from “808’s and Heartbreak” called “Robocop.” Another way out styled vocoder song by Yeezy. Do Bossipers think he went too far with this one??

Check it out. Robocop

New Jawn: “Turn My Swag On”

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“Turn my Swag On” is the latest ridiculous video contribution to the world from your favorite “used to be homeless” rapper, Soulja Boy. Are you feelin this “sing-song” mess that rappers are doing now?

Usher’s New Jawn

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Usher chats about his new song, “Hush.”

“Hush is about my awakening over the past 10 years to the social issues in our country and realizing that I have a voice. As Americans we have the right to speak out about slow recovery in the Gulf Coast (after Hurricane Katrina), a long war and home foreclosures. But complaining isn’t enough, you have to also take action. “Whether serving at the homeless shelter or going to the polls for the first time, you have to act or else Hush.” And he takes aim at his fellow millionaires in the words of his new song, singing, “Everyday he wakes up in his million dollar home/his life is like a video/the only reality he knows/He jumps inside of his hundred thousand dollar car/cruising up the boulevard driving past people living hard.”

We will give Usher his props for stepping up with regards to expressing concern over social issues, but it would be in his best interest to enter a witness protection program so the producer of this song doesn’t hunt him down and attempt to produce another track. SMH. Are you feeling this jawn?


Bitter Sweet

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Kanye may have been somewhat comforted during his grief knowing that his mom heard “Hey Mama” shortly before she passed:

KANYE WEST’s song HEY MAMA was the last tune the rapper’s mother heard before she died from cosmetic surgery complications last year (Nov07), according to her own mother. Concerns for her daughter’s wellbeing prompted Jean Roberson to rush to Donda West’s bedside after the professor failed to regain consciousness after eight hours of surgery. To wake her, Roberson took out her cell phone and played the version of West’s Hey Mama she had downloaded as a ringtone. In an exclusive interview with U.S. TV news show Access Hollywood, Roberson says, “I put the phone to her ear and said, ‘Donda, listen… “Wake up, listen. Kanye’s singing to you.'” The patient eventually did come round and was wheeled out of surgery in “an executive chair”. Donda West died the following evening.

This is a bittersweet story if ever there was one. No doubt Yeezy will use this whole experience as material for some new and creative music in an effort to continue to make Moma West proud.



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