It’s 2011: Quit Waiting for Men to Approach You First

My mama is old-school with her courtship expectations. If ever a dude wanted to get on, he had to pursue and properly court her before anything jumped off.

Yet sometime in the mid-aughts, shortly after the death of my grandmother, she decided to go against the grain of convention and semi-court her ballroom dance teacher. It was the first time in her more than 50 years of life that she’d approached anyone on her own volition. It all worked out and they’re now happily married.

I realize this was a stretch for her considering her generational ideals, but I’m blown that, in 2011, many American women are still yoked to the antiquated tradition of waiting for dudes to pursue them. Even women who consider themselves otherwise “liberated” and dependent in any sense scoff at the idea that they would have to ask a n*gga for his digits. (Continue reading…)

Bossip #TwitterViews Are Coming Back!!! Check Out Our TwitterView With Marsha Ambrosius In Case You Missed It

Marsha Ambrosius

On the eve of the release of her debut album “Late Nights, Early Mornings,” Marsha Ambrosius took some time to chat with us about the project and what it means to her personally. Continue »

Twitter Files: 50 Cent Throws A Tantrum And Decides He’s Not Friends With His Label Anymore

50 Cent

As he is often prone to doing, 50 Cent has decided to take his ball off the playground and stop playing with one of his friends. Continue »

A “Lil Father’s Day Weekend Positivity”: Name My NFL Daddy

Celebrity dads, Drew Lachey, James Van Der Beek, Shonn Greene and Alejandro Monteverde join Pampers at their  “First Father’s Day Cook-Out” celebration in New York, Thursday, June 16, 2011.

This lil guy joined his New York Jets player papa for a very special Father’s Day event in NYC Thursday. Can you guess who his Daddy is? Continue »

Hate It Or Love It?!?! New Music From Melody Thornton “Sweet Vendetta”

Sweet Vendetta

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton is doing it for dolo! Continue »

Caption This

tracy morgan

Tracy “I Love Gay People” Morgan had a meeting today with homeless LGBT youth today in NYC. Continue »

Girl, Stop! Hairdos That Are Don’ts

This is a good time of year to get a good laugh. Continue »

Tiger Who? There’s A New Kid On The Block Making It Rain On The U.S. Open


Tiger Woods backed out of the U.S. Open to heal his wounds and there seems to be a kid ready to take his spot. Continue »

D-List Love: Maino Spotted All Bunned Up And Partying With Lil Latina Kat De Luna

maino kat de luna

Maino and Kat de Luna were seen “hanging together” Continue »

A Little Afternoon Pick-Me-Up For The Fellas

rosie jones Continue »

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The Lockout Ain’t No Joke: NFL Player Arrested For Walking Out On $27 Bar Tab

raheem brock

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