Bravo: We NEVER Authorized ‘Bible Housewives’

Warning Graphic Footage: San Francisco Pigs Kill Black 19-Year Old Who Didn’t Pay Bus Fare! (2 Angles) [Video]

Really, an assault rifle??? SMH

R.I.P. Young Man… Continue »

Pure Comedy: This Has To Be The Best Resignation Letter Ever

See what happens when a fast food employee’s fed up? Continue »

Sunday Getaways: 8 Travel Destinations To Visit Solo

Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on your perspective), there won’t always be someone to travel with you when you’re ready to go. Continue »

Men And Marriage: Why They Are Scared Of The Shackle

Let’s get one thing clear from the jump: men not named George Clooney are not averse to marriage as an institution. Continue »

Why This Red Head “Media Thug” Rebekah Brooks Was Arrested


It’s not looking good for this Rebekah Brooks character: Continue »

May/December Dating: Are You Dating In The Wrong Age Bracket?

Did you ever wonder why in 3rd grade while you were writing love sonnets about how incredible your crush was, the boy whose name you were drawing in hearts was pulling on your ponytail Continue »

The Irony: 61-Year-Old Colorado Woman Popped For Groping Female TSA Agent Facing Felony For Sexual Assault

yukari mihamae grope tsa agent


Authorities say a Colorado woman who allegedly groped a female Transportation Security Administration agent Continue »


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