Weston Cage Will Be a Single Man Soon, Ladies

Why is Octomom Herding All Of Her Kids Toward The Sea?

The Situation: I MIGHT Be Ditching ‘Jersey Shore’

7 Ways You Can Tell Chivalry is Dead and Gone


You’ve probably heard someone say “chivalry is dead” thousands of time. Continue »

Eff You, Pay Me! French Production Company Fined $46 Milli For Shafting Spike Lee

spike lee celebrates

The French production company that failed to distribute Spike Lee’s film “Miracle at St. Anna” has been hit with a big money fine by a Paris court. Now that’s one helluva ho sit down, wouldn’t you say? Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture: Tichina Arnold Bunned Up??

Tichina Arnold Celebrates Her Birthday

Here is Tichina Arnold celebrating her birthday with a lady friend… Continue »

How To Keep Those Checks Coming In: 11 Most Desired Degrees In 2011

black people with a job

For those of you seeking a J-O-B, here are degrees that employers are checking for the most: Continue »

Some Afternoon Preciousness: Heidi Klum Strolls The Streets Of NYC With Baby Lou And The Rest Of Her Swirly Bunch

A perfectly groomed Heidi Klum, looking every inch the supermodel, walks her kids to their daycare centre in New York.

Supermodel mom Heidi Klum and her troops (mom & nanny) were spotted walking Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou to daycare in NYC this afternoon. Continue »

More Than A Minaj: 10 Dope Female Rappers Besides Nicki Minaj

After a brief period in Hip-Hop where the female emcee was basically nonexistent, the popularity of Nicki Minaj has brought female rappers back to a point of relevance. Continue »


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