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Bing Presents The 5th Annual "Two Kings" After Party

Here is Rihanna and Jay-Z sharing a ‘toastworthy’ moment at the “Two Kings” after party. Continue »

Poor Thang: Breezy Hosts A Pity Party In L.A. (25+ Photos)

Chris Brown All-Star Weekend Event

Poor Breezy probably didn’t make it on too many A-List guest lists this All-Star Weekend Continue »

Can You Break up Without Going Broke?

How To Tell Your Man That He Stinks

Some men get it and some men don’t when it comes to taking care of themselves hygienically. Continue »

This Seemingly Loving Daddy Ain’t Sh*t!!!

Rocky Donadio

This is Rocky Donadio, father of two and father figure to his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son… Continue »

Five Suspects Popped For Trying To Shoot Up Waka Flocka’s Tour Bus In North Carolina

waka flocka

Update on the Waka Flocka shooting situation:

At least five people have been arrested in connection with the shooting Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Shaunie O’Neal & Brandy Host A-List Charity Shopping Event

Trina Shaunie O'Neal

Brandy and ‘Basketball Wife’ Shaunie O’Neal hosted a celebrity shopping event at L.A.’s Louis Vuitton Store on Rodeo Drive this weekend, bringing together stars for a cause. Continue »

Stop The Violence: Four Teens Shot At Sweet Sixteen Party

Birthday crime scene

Dayuuuuum! Is anything safe for teens these days?? Continue »

No Sh*t Sherlock: Dina Lohan Reveals That Lindsay Has A Problem with Addiction

dina lohan lindsay lohan

Ummmm…we thought the entire world already knew that Lindsay Lohan struggled with addiction: Continue »

Halle Berry’s Half-Sister “Renee” Speaks, Says Berry Has Disowned Her Black Family

halle mom

Halle Berry’s siblings from her father’s side of the family are speaking out about how Halle has “cut them off”: Continue »

Which One Would You Hit: The Two Kings Edition

Jay-Z Lebron James Boys & Girls Club Event

King Hov and King James were on deck to unveil the new gym at the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles yesterday. Continue »

In Case You Missed It: Every Dunk From The 2011 Slam Dunk Contest

The dunk contest hasn’t been entertaining the past couple of years, but this year was different as the NBA brought in some of youngest and most talented dunkers they have. Continue »

From A Top Essence Editor To Thriving Entrepreneur

True Or False: Shaunie O’Neal Is Looking To Replace One Of The Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives VH1 Season 2 cast

Sources close to the Basketball Wives production team are saying that one of the “wives” is on her way out, as soon as Shaunie can find a new one. Can you guess which one? Continue »