EFF A Thug: Two Suspects Arrested In Youngstown University Frat House Shooting

Jamail Johnson Youngstown University

The family of 25-year-old Youngstown University senior Jamail Johnson can find comfort this morning Continue »

SMH: Red Bull Is The Devil…It Made Me Murk My Father!

This is some straight random ridiculousness right here… Red Bull is accused of second degree murder by a Florida resident! Continue »

One Of The Basketball Wives Is Finally Calling It Quits

Basketball Wives VH1 Season 2 cast

Shaunie O’Neal’s Mean Girls have finally scared one of their bullying victims off VH1’s top Sunday “Celebreality” show. Continue »

Congratulations: The Green Bay Packers Give Lil Wayne His Wish And Win Superbowl XLV 31-25!

Cheeseheads rejoice, Terrible Towel wavers, build a bridge and get over it… Continue »

Five Things Black People Should Know Today

black girl black person gas money

A few noteworthy tidbits Continue »

New Black Kid On The Block Is White?: Micky Munday Is From South Central With A Flow And Street Cred? [Video]

Bossip: How was it being white growing up in those neighborhoods?

Micky: “I experienced a lot in a short time. My pops was in and out my life, just like most inner city kids. I got the occasional  beef about my color or the “white boy,” blah-blah, but…Continue »

Kelsey Grammer Gets Court’s ‘Ok’ To Finalize Divorce

Kelsey Grammer

Black Future: MMA Fighter Jon Jones

The Church of Scientology Is Under Investigation For Slave Labor!

Eva Longoria Sucks Face with New Boyfriend

Chamillionaire – After The Superbowl

Is It Ever Okay To Date A Friend’s Ex???

Young woman at a party

Would you ever consider dating your friend’s ex? Would you do it under certain circumstances? See what these New Yorkers had to say about it!

Click here for video

The Silliest Super Bowl XLV Bets

Super Bowl XLV 2011

Of course we know a few people are gonna double or triple their paychecks tonight Continue »

Keeping Ho Hopes Alive: Superhead Is Dropping Another “Manual” This Summer

Karrine Steffans SatisFaction

It’s been six years since Karrine “Superhead” Steffans burst onto the scene with her controversial book “Confessions Of A Video Vixen” and now the best-selling author is preparing to release yet another. Continue »