This Is Kim Kardashian’s Way Of Encouraging You To ___________

Kim Kardashian Superbowl Ad

Here’s a screen shot from Kimmy Cakes‘ latest promotional spot. Can you guess what she’s selling? Continue »

Baby Violet Pulls In $10,000 While Mommy Christina Pulls In $3,500 And Justin Bieber’s 10%!!!

The Dream and Christina Milian

With all this talk of The Dream stopping some of the payments to ex-wife Christina Milian, we knew the details of their divorce settlement would pop up. According to Radaronline, Christina receives a good amount to take care of baby Violet every month and for herself as long as she doesn’t date anyone in the next two years longer than 60 days… she keeps her alimony!!! Continue »

More Aubry-Berry Baby Daddy-Mama Drama: Gabriel’s Best Friend Throws Him Under The Bus

halle berry gabriel

This thing gets uglier and uglier each day…and now Gabriel’s bestie is saying what we were saying back in ’07 Continue »

SMH: WikiLeaks Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize


We bet this has some folks’ panties in a bunch right now:

A Norwegian politician said he has nominated WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace Prize, citing the website’s contribution to “democracy and freedom of speech” worldwide. Continue »

So… Method Man Doesn’t Like Chicks With The Kinky Curly Naps… Prefers The Creamy Crack & Horsetails

Method man

Method Man, one of the nappiest looking dudes some years ago, was asked if he digs chicks that rock their natural tresses. Continue »

Twitter Files: DevilWorshiper Tries To Put Rihanna On Blast For Sucking Off Drake & Eminem???

Rihanna Love The Way You Life

Yesterday on Twitter, a thumb thug by the name of @DevilWorshiper tweeted that Rihanna sucked off Drake and Eminem. This person thought they would probably go back and forth with some Rihanna supporters but instead they got a message from the Rebelle Fleur herself…

Check Out Rihanna’s Response: Continue »

SMH: Terrence Howard’s Brand New Wife Has Filed For Divorce

Terrence Howard and new wife Michelle Ghent are spotted eating an al fresco lunch together in Los Angeles

Dayum already????

Terrence Howard’s wife, Michelle Howard has filed for divorce from her actor hubby, after just one year of marriage. Continue »

Chinese Artist Paints Himself Invisible

Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said (Live In Sydney)

Is Carol Moseley Braun Cracking?

Dear Bossip: Why Won’t He ‘Put a Ring on It’?

Bossip I’ve been with this man for over a year and I have been everything he wants and more. I keep myself up and I work out and I look damn good whenever we hit the town and I present myself like a lady. Continue »