Who Looked More Bangin’: Bria Murphy vs Shane Murphy

Dark & Lovely Brand Ambassador Unveiling

Last night, the Murphy family came out to support Bria Murphy as she took over Nia Long’s old gig as the Brand Ambassador for Dark & Lovely Continue »

Ronald Reagan’s Son Says He Was A Better President “For Blacks” Than Barack Obama

ronald reagan's son michael reagan


To mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ronald Reagan’s son Michael wrote an opinion piece for Fox News’ website in which he argues that his father was a better “friend” to black Americans than Barack Obama. Continue »

UPDATE: More Details Have Been Revealed In The California School Shooting!

More details have come to light in yesterday’s California high school…. Continue »

For The Children: Memphis Launches ‘No, Baby’ Campaign In Response To High School Baby Boom

After Frayser High School put Memphis in the national spotlight, with as many as 90 students being pregnant or having recently given birth Continue »

UK Court Sides With Newspaper In Their Lawsuit Against Crazy Azz Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell bald

Looks like people are more than a little tired of Naomi and her bullsh*t, time to pay the piper b*tch! Continue »

Now We’re Concerned: 200 Dead Cows Discovered In Wisconsin

dead cows

First birds in two states, then crickets, then crabs? And now cows? Continue »

Bronx Beautician Busted For Peddling Bogus Butt Shots Sealed With Krazy Glue

Butt Shot Beautician

An unlicensed Bronx beautician has been arrested for peddling bogus butt injections and sealing her patients’ wounds with Krazy glue. Continue »

I’m Da Pappy! Halle’s Baby Daddy Files Court To Establish Paternity Of Nahla

Halle & Gabe Establish Paternity

Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has filed legal documents asking a judge to officially declare him the daddy of 2-year-old Nahla.

TMZ has learned Gabriel Aubry filed a paternity petition on December 30, 2010.

Sources say Gabriel was afraid things were going to get rocky in establishing who gets to spend time with the 2-year-old, so he wanted to protect his rights.

Turns out … we’re told whatever differences Halle and Gabriel have … they’ve been pretty much worked out.

Sources say the former couple has not filed for child custody, visitation or support and they don’t plan to file — they have an arrangement they worked out between the two of them and don’t feel the need to go to court.

Fellas take note. The best way to secure your rights as a father is to be proactive. Establish paternity and work out the details instead of waiting for someone to tell you what your rights are. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Secret Matrimony-dom: Monica Has Been Mrs. Shannon Brown For Two Months?!?!

Monica Shannon Brown

If you were hoping for all kinds of grandiose festivities for Monica’s wedding to her younger baller boo Shannon Brown, the joke’s on you. Continue »

Craigslist Pulls The Remaining Four Loko Ads From Its Site

Looks like the final nail has been put in Four Loko’s coffin.

It will be hard to find Four Loko and other banned caffeinated alcoholic drinks for sale on Craigslist anymore, state Sen. Jeff Klein said.

The popular online trading post pulled the few remaining ads for such beverages, according to a letter it sent to the senator dated Jan. 11, responding to his request.

“I applaud craigslist for doing the right thing,” said Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester). “Their decision to remove ads for these dangerous drinks goes a long way in helping save our teens from potentially devastating consequences to their health and their lives.”

There were seven ads for Four Loko pulled nationwide, including two in New York State, the website told Klein.

Craigslist also searched for ads for other caffeinated alcoholic beverages, such as Moonshot, Joose and Core High Gravity, but did not find any among its millions of pages, the website said.

We at Bossip have never had a sip of the drink that has all these kids going ham, but we’re down for it’s removal from stores if it’s gonna have people dying. Who the hell needs all that caffeine and alcohol anyway!?!?

Have you ever had a Four Loko? Do you feel its unfair to have it removed??


Lil Jon And A Gang Of Other People On ‘The Apprentice’ Owe The IRS Buckoo Bucks!!

Lil Jon

Why the hell can’t all these rich azz niccas learn to pay their taxes or at LEAST hire a decent business manager that can make sure Uncle Sam gets his due. Continue »

End Of Days: Pakistan Gets Rocked By 7.4 Earthquake!!!

And another one… Continue »

You Just Might Be The Side Chick…

The “side chick” is one of the most maligned people this side of “the dude who stole all the money from the collection plate on the Sunday we was collecting for the baby hospital.” However, folks don’t always acknowledge the fact that the other woman might have been led to believe that she was the only woman (or that she was dealing with someone who was free to date more that one person).

Head to MadameNoire.com for a few signs that you may be an unwitting participant in an affair