Dirty Dad Diaries: People Not Named “Sperminator” That (Allegedly) Had Secret Love Children

arnold schwarzenegger kid

Having illegitimate children is pretty commonplace for celebrities…and why wouldn’t it be? Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Penelope Cruz ‘I Like To Rap’

We don’t know whether to be impressed or laugh out loud… Continue »

Jay-Z Performs At New York’s Roseland Ballroom, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, Fabolous Attend [Photos]

Pharrell Williams Fabolous Swizz Beatz

Jay-Z took to New York’s Roseland Ballroom Wednesday where he performed for Adult Swim’s “upfront soiree.” Continue »

Some Afternoon Linkage

malcolm x

Celebration Of Life By Any Means: Happy Birthday Malcolm X [Photos] (GO)

OOOWEEE! Elizabeth Christine In Mixed Mag (GO)

Republican Leader Reads Raekwon’s Lyrics To The Senate [Video] (GO)

Snooki Reveals Which “Jersey Shore” Guy Is The “Gayest” (GO)

Mike Tyson Dances On Argentina’s “Dancing With The Stars” [Video] (GO)

Watch Two New Clips From “The Hangover Part II” (GO)

Taraji P. Henson, Michael Ealy To Star In Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” Film (GO)

Steven Taylor Tried Gay Sex (GO)

Obama Mocks Birthers With Birth Certificate Merchandise (GO)

Charles Barkley: A Friend To The Gays (GO)

The Real Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid (GO)

Joan Smalls Seduces Men In Gucci’s Fall 2011 Ads (GO)

A Fashionista’s Dream: Sneak Peek of Louis Vuitton’s Fall Fashion Campaign (GO)

Selena Gomez And “The Scene” Album Art (GO)

LipStick Gang Pool Party With Cake Slapping And Kush Blowing! [Video]

Can bossip get an invite, damn?

Bolitics: President Obama To Speak Tonight About The Affairs Of The Middle East

President Barack Obama

Tonight we encourage you all to tune in to The Presidents speech, it should be VERY interesting. Continue »

Keep Your Woman Busy! Study Shows That Men Relax More When Their Wives Are Busy Doing Household Sh*t

housework couple

Men, if you keep your women busy, then you will have a more relaxing life. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

[MadameNoire.com] Healthy Hair, Questionable Styling: Oprah’s Best And Worst Hair Moments
Oprah’s weight may have fluctuated, some of her protégés might have gone astray and some folk even had the nerve to lie to her face; but despite all of that, there was one thing we could always count on—her hair. (Read)

[HipHopWired.com]Mac Miller On His Debut Album And A Surprise That Will Make Hip-Hop History
Mac Miller has exploded onto the Hip-Hop scene and airways lately, but this rap thing is nothing new to him. (Watch)

[StyleBlazer.com] Guess Who Cruising In Sunny Miami (All-Black-Everything) On His Custom Motorcycle
Hint: He’s about to drop his 9th Studio LP this summer called “Black and White America” featuring cameos by Billboard mainstays Jay-Z and Drake. (Read)

[24Wired.tv] Beyonce Reads Ciara DOWN
PURE comedy! (Watch)

[AtlantaPost.com] How Koreans Dominate the Beauty Supply Industry
Frank Mohadou closed the door to the beauty supply business he was struggling to keep, in the slice of space he obtained from his sister. (Read)

Dear Bossip: I Was Wrong, I Cheated but She Won’t Take Me Back

I know I was wrong. Continue »

Your Man Completes You? That’s Sad…

“He completes me,” is a phrase used synonymously with falling in love. Continue »

A Lil Positivity: Happy Birthday Malcolm X!!!

malcolm x birthday

Take some time to honor the legend. Continue »

Certified Links

Kandi Celebrates 35th Birthday With Tiny, Toya, Phaedra Parks (GO)

University THREATENS Students Over ‘Jersey Shore’ (GO)

Miley Cyrus May Be in a See THrough Unitard (GO)

Company Deemed Wrong For Firing Employees Over Facebook (GO)

Why I Love Black Women (GO)

Demi Lovato — Another Bump In The Road Of Life (GO)

Jay-Z To Announce Development Deal With ‘Adult Swim’ (GO)

Snapped: TV Twosome Al Roker & Deborah Roberts (GO)

An In-Depth Fashion Breakdown Of Beyonce’s “Run The World” Video (GO)

Katt Williams: ‘Kirk Cameron is Brilliant, Stephen Hawking is Just a Cripple’ (GO)

How To Find The Right Cut And Style For Your Face (GO)

Carlos Boozer Makes Rap Debut With Twista & Mario Winans In New Bulls Anthem (GO)

Two And A Half Men Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer And Angus T. Jones Smile For CBS (GO)

Giveaway: Win Tickets To See N.E.R.D. In Atlanta (GO)

Lady Gaga Does Another Bizarre Interview (GO)

C’mon Son! Some Of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Fails

There are millions fails in Hip-Hop. But some become instant classics and are the kind of fails that can really impact an artists’ career. Continue »


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