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Common feat. Nas - Ghetto Dreams

Common – Ghetto Dreams feat. Nas
Dear young boys: just so it’s clear, they might not do it every day, but Common and Nas can still get down like they were in their early 20s. P.S.: please tell the rest of the young people that people over 30 still enjoy Hip-Hop. In other words: sometimes the “cooking” must be muted.

The Knux – Run feat. Kid Cudi
In case anyone thought we were on an anti- “Youth In Hip-Hop” kick. We’re not. In fact, this joint we like very much. Because we happen to be fans of out-of-the-box creativity all day. Get more of the Knux here.

Teedra Moses – Another Luvr
Teedra dropped a new mixtape yesterday called Luxurious Undergrind yesterday. Unfortunately, dealing with all of this “Monday disguised as a Tuesday” post-three-day-weekend nonsense kept us from peeping the whole thing today. But if it all sounds like this, it will easily become our favorite mixtape of the summer.

Sean Paul – Got To Luv Ya feat. Alexis Jordan
We would love Sean Paul to get another radio hit for non-Caribbean clubs to add to their play-play reggae sets. And this song could actually be that hit… as soon as Rihanna or someone else with less vocal ability comes and takes that spot Alexis Jordan is holding. Because she just sounds lost on this song.

Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley and Pharell Williams
Have you noticed by now that we heart songs that sound like summer? This is another one… maybe we’ll make a special Songs of Summer 2011 playlist for y’all soon…

Unfair Characterizations of Lil’ Wayne & BET?

The Swirl: SMH At These Folks Acting Astonished That Chinese Men Are Now Wifing Up African Women!

Chinese Men with black African Women

Asian women getting chop down action or even getting wifed up by brothers is nothing new, but some folks are acting brand new about the so-called phenomenon of Chinese men marrying African women. Continue »

Nicky “Corndog” Cannon Goofing It Up At The Annual Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest (Photos)

Nick Cannon Nathan's Hot Dog Contest

Nick Cannon took a break from MiMi and #DemBabies to host a hot dog eating contest this 4th of July… Continue »

Beesh Please! Michele Bachmann Says Obama ‘Should Be Afraid Of Toothless Hillbilly’ Tea Baggers

The Palin replacement, Michele Bachmann, is just ratchet. Her and those Republicans will incite hate and promote racial tension to win the 2012 election. Continue »

Who Shot Ya? Former Nation Of Islam Member Says He Knows Who Killed Notorious B.I.G.

notorious b.i.g.

A man is now claiming that he knows who is responsible for the shooting/murder of the Notorious B.I.G. in Los Angeles 14 years ago: Continue »

Double Take: Celebrities Who Look Like One Another

prince rihanna

While everyone has a twin somewhere in this world, it’s even weirder to see when celebrities look a like. Continue »

Some Afternoon Linkage

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New Music: Crystal Nicole Premieres Her First Single “Pinch Me Now” + Exclusive Interview With Bossip

Crystal Nicole

Recent years have seen the rise of successful songwriters evolving into full-fledged solo stars, like Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie for example, so we’re very excited to introduce you to Crystal Nicole Continue »

BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse OR Manslaughter!!!!

Casey Anthony

After all of these months and one of the most expensive trials in the history of the State of Florida, Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of all but the smallest of the seven charges against her. Continue »


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