Dumb & Dumber: Amber Rose and Yeezy’s Cousin Spend V-Day Singing Backstreet Boys

Amber Rose and Kanye’s cousin, Ricky Anderson, spent Valentine’s Day serenading each other in front of the camera. Their song of choice was Backstreet Boys – “I Want It That Way” and it sounds like Amber is not singing in English.

This has to be the Gayest Video EVER…

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How Precious…

Carmelo Anthony held an All-Star Charity brunch during All-Star Weekend in Dallas. He brought his whole family out including LaLa and his mini me Kiyan.

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Did Usher “Come Out the Closet” Last Night Wearing Body Magic, Leather Capris and UGGS???

If you didn’t watch the 2010 NBA All-Star Game last night then you missed the most “SUSPECT” outfit. Usher was the opening act and he thought it would be cool to wear leather capri pants and body armour.

Even Ex-Wife/Baby Mama Tameka “Attention Whore” Foster had something to say about via Twitter…

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Ho Sit Down: Dwight Howard’s Baby Moms Admits To Jiggling Her Lil Thang And Dry Humping Broads…Says She Was Slizzard

It’s time for this ho to sit her dumb a*s allll the way down somewhere. The mother of Dwight Howard’s son, Royce Reed, has taken the time out to ‘explain’ why she was a participant in the skeezed out bootyshake contest at the Fountainbleu Super Bowl weekend: Continue »

Some Morning Valentine’s Cakes…

If your Valentine’s Day was lonely and boring, Rosa Acosta has just the solution for you. Pop the hood for her late Valentine’s Day cakes special… Continue »

Which One Would you Hit???

Jermaine Dupri and Diddy were courtside last night at the NBA Allstar Game in Dallas. We don’t get why these fools feel that it’s necessary to have on sunglasses indoors but really all we want to know is out of the two dudes, ladies…

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This B*tch Right Here Is Crazy As Hell!!!

The woman in the photograph above is Amy Bishop, and she is a ‘fiercely intelligent’ neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from Harvard. BOSSIP has learned that Amy has been arrested for shooting and killing three of her colleagues and has a history of being twisted and ‘interrupted’: Continue »

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Solange Knowles hit up the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2010 Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with this interesting choice of get up on.  Are y’all feelin it??

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Nas Disses Money Hungry Ex-Wife Kelis In New Track

Damn, Nas has dropped a track dissing Kelis just in time for Valentine’s Day:

“How in the hell am I supposed to stay comfy/ When I pay child support, alimony monthly….”
Nasir Jones has been doing his best not to speak on his very public divorce from Kelis but obviously frustrated, it looks like Nas has finally snapped.Continue…

Whose Idea Was it For This Guy to Rock the See-Thru Sequins Top and Shiny Pants???

Man. Kendra got this cat out there looking like a straight chump!!! If losing the Super Bowl for the Colts wasn’t bad enough, this Hank Baskett character is Valentine swirl lovin’ it up in Vegas rockin some bullsh*t…

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SMH: Drunk Off-Duty Cop Crashes Into Tiffany’s Storefront in NYC

Driving drunk even gets one-time in trouble:

An off-duty cop and two passengers were injured in a drunken driving accident early Saturday when their car flipped over and slammed into Tiffany’s famed midtown storefront Continue »

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Bria Murphy and her mother Nicole were spotted under the tents for Vivienne Tam Fall show during Fashion week. We’re glad she took after her mother instead of Eddie.

Could you imagine what she would look like??

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Sunday Business Report: Magic Johnson Buying Ebony Magazine Empire

According to sources, BOSSIP has learned entrepreneur Magic Ervin Johnson may be looking to buy the Ebony Magazine empire.

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Israeli Man Who Claims “Godlike” and “Supernatural” Powers Charged With Rape

Meet Goel Ratzon. He is the father of 49 children by 21 women and has been charged with rape, enslavement, incest, and more. Sound crazy??

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Rihanna’s Talentless A** Does What She Does Best…

Rihanna took a break from trying to sing to promote “Rated R” in Sydney, Australia with a photo call.

If she could just stick to modeling and lose the singer title she may be on to something.

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