For Discussion: Hammer Takes Shots At The Throne, Claps Back At “Hell Boy” Hov

King Hammer Jay-Z Hellboy Better Run Run diss

We can officially list MC King Hammer among those “sensitive thugs” Camel was rapping about in 2007. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Motorist Returns To Scene Of Prank And Fires 10 Shots, Killing 17-Year-Old Who May Not Have Even Egged His Car!!!

Craig Brewer's car gets egged

It’s natural to be angry when your car is egged — like the way director Craig Brewer reacted in the photo above, but what’s not natural is to retaliate with gunfire. That’s exactly what happened last night when a 17-year-old was shot to death. Continue »

New Lil Banger-Designer-Director-Business Woman: Vashtie Kola Is Nike’s First Lady Designer & Making It Rain! [Video]

“We want to pay homage to the ladies who are rocking Jordan kicks on the daily, and we’ve teamed up with New York-based creative visionary Vashtie Kola to do just that. As a constant trendsetter and one of the best at mixing contrasting styles, we knew Vashtie would have a fresh take on the classic Air Jordan 2. Continue »

What Would Sponsoring Caster Semenya Mean?

It is safe to state that racial and gender prejudice is distasteful, malevolent and abhorrent.  One person that continually seems to experience such discrimination and aversion is world class runner Caster Semenya.  After becoming the first black South African woman to win gold in the 800 meters at the world championship in 2009, questions were raised by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAFF) about Semenya’s gender.  Continue »

Who Cares About Talent?

Singer Rihanna made her way out of the Fountain Studios

RihRih donned this Chewbacca costume for Halloween, oops wait, sorry that wasn’t a costume Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Woman Plans To Sell Handwritten Obama Letter To Help With Her Financial Hardship

Jennifer Cline, 27, of Monroe, holds up her letter from President Barack Obama. The unemployed 27-year-old mother from Monroe who scribbled a three-page letter on notebook paper to President Barack Obama got something she never expected: a handwritten response from the commander in chief.

A “lil Monday positivity”:

A struggling mom who wrote to President Obama about her financial hardship and received a handwritten response from him saying, “Things will get better!,” has had to sell the letter to an autograph dealer to help pay for a house. Continue »

10 Taboo Statements You Should Never Make To Your Spouse

fighting couple

According to many relationship experts and marriage counselors, communication is often the underlying reason why many marriages disintegrate. Continue »

Remember Me??? Memphis Bleek Sighting At NJ Nets Game

memphis bleek attends the Miami Heat vs NJ Nets Game at Prudential Center

Damn, we haven’t seen your boy Memphis Bleek in FOREVER. Here he is in all his former Roc-A-Fella glory at the Miami Heat vs NJ Nets game in Newark yesterday looking all lonely and stuff. Continue »

Where Are My Parents?? Kid Gets Shot In 2:30 A.M. Bar Fight

El Callejon II Philadelphia underage bar fight

What the hell is your 15-year-old doing in a bar at 2:30am? On a school night? Continue »

Some Halloween Preciousness

Chance Combs Minnie Mouse Pumpkin patch

Little Chance Combs got dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween. How precious is she? Continue »

Man Who Was Molested By Pedophile Catholic Priest As A Child Viciously Gets Revenge 35 Years Later And Smiles In Mugshot Photo

William Lynch, 44, is accused of beating the retired priest who abused he and his brother more than 30 years ago. Lynch surrendered Friday for the beating of 65-year-old Jerold Lindner at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos


A man allegedly molested by a priest was arrested in California on Friday for beating up the clergyman 35 years later. Continue »

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Ex-Guerilla To Be First “Iron-Lady” Woman President Of Brazil

dilma rousseff president of brazil

A former Marxist guerrilla who was tortured and imprisoned during Brazil’s long dictatorship was elected Sunday as president of Latin America’s biggest nation, a country in the midst of an economic and political rise. Continue »

BronBron Wishes He Could Turn Back Time

LeBron James Miami Heat Cleveland Cavaliers The Decision

“Big Three” haters, don’t get gassed! By no means is LeBron regretting his move to Miami. And the Heat have won every game since that season opener against the Celtics that had everybody talking. Continue »

Trigga vs. Drizzy: “Aston Martin Music.” Who Owns It?

Trey Songz Drake Aston Martin Music Remix Trigga Mix

Before “Aston Martin Music” became T*ts Rozay’s latest hit, it was a Drizzy mixtape cut (or something like that) floating around the web. Trey Songz and his imaginary rapper self Trigga decided they could do better. Continue »