Tiger Uses The Kids As An Excuse To Break Into Elins Crib

Tiger Woods Stalks Elin

Let the baby daddy drama begin! It looks like Tiger Woods is back to chasing his bottom Becky. Sources say the beleaguered golf baller used his kids as an excuse to gain access to Elins crib and snoop through her personal items while she was away. Continue »

End Of Days: Dead Birds, Dead Fish, Dead…Crickets????

Welp, looks like the apocalypse is upon us. It’s been fun you guys. See ya next lifetime… Continue »

SMH: Amber Rose Gets A New Car And A New Reality Show

amber rose reality show gets a new car

Here is your girl Amber Rose on location for her new reality show Continue »

Clearly, Breezy Isn’t Over This Rihanna Mess Yet

Chris Brown Wonder Woman video

This is Chris Brown in a scene from his upcoming “Wonder Woman” video, featuring Tyga Tyga. Continue »

2nd Man Convicted In Videotaped Murder of Chicago Teen

Nadashia Thomas holds sign next to slain cousin, Derrion Albert photo

Eyewitness testimony, a grainy video and comments like, “The tape didn’t show me land on his head” were all it took for a jury to convict a 2nd Chicago man in the brutal murder of teen honor student, Derrion Albert. Continue »

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Is Finally Paying For His Shady A** Tactics

A year and a half after MJ’s not-so-accidental-looking death, Dr. Conrad Murray is finally feeling some real consequences. Continue »

Rick Fox Is Planning Swirly Matrimony-dom With Girlfriend Eliza Dushku

Rick Fox plans on smashing those boyish cakes to smithereens permanently:

Marriage fever is running rampant in Hollywood! Continue »

Agree Or Disagree?!?: Forbes Claims Jay-Z Dissed Baby In New Jawn With Kanye “H.A.M”

Jay-Z on the Cover of Forbes

Last time we checked, Forbes provided us with the 411 on who is making the most money but it seems like they have added a new department to the company… Analyzing Jay-Z’s lyrics. Continue »

Caption This

Melanie Fiona New Jawn - "Gone and Never Coming Back"

Melanie Fiona is gearing up for the release of her second album with her new single “Gone and Never Coming Back”. Continue »

Chocolate Covered Taye Diggs Gets All Mushy About Married Life And His Little Blessing

Taye Diggs and Son

Looks like Taye Diggs is becoming the ultimate father and husband. In a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, he speaks on the best and worst thing about being married and what it’s being a father… Continue »

Cry Me A River: People In Hell Want Ice Water And Soulja Boy Thinks He Should’ve Won Yeezy’s 2008 Grammy…

Soulja Boy wants Kanye's Grammy

Soulja Boy has accomplished a lot since he hit the scene. He had the entire world “Super Mannin’ Dat Hoe” and sold a million records on his first album but now he thinks he should have won a Grammy over Kanye West in 2008… GTFOH!!! Continue »

10 Social Networking Habits That Must Die

Social media makes many of our lives go ’round these days Continue »

Eva Longoria’s Love For Tony Parker Was As Permanent As A Tattoo

Tony Parker Eva Longoria Tattoo

Like many a fool in love, Eva Longoria once commemorated her happiness with ex-hubby Tony Parker by getting tatted up. Continue »


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