Twitter Files: You Knew 50 Was Gonna Have Something To Say About Ja Rule’s Sentence


Another day, another rapper heading to prison. Ja Rule pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in a New York City courtroom and was promised a two-year prison sentence. 50 wasted no time in taking it back to ’03 all over again and taunting his rap rival.


Flip the page to see Ja’s response and what happens next…

Another Fly Miami Crib…Dayum This One Might Be Better Than Bron Bron’s

chris bosh miami home

LeBron James’ teammate Chris Bosh has a brand new home in Miami as well: Continue »

I Know Jim Jones, The Real Jim Jones: 5 New Artists With Cult Followings

For some artists, it can take years to build a solid fan base. Others never get a stronghold on any population’s listeners. And then there are those who seem to have subliminal mind control over their flock of followers through their music. Continue »

Wesley Snipes Conviction Based on Taxes or Color?

Random Flicks (Photo Gallery)

Poor Thang: Keri Hilson Speaks On Her Recent Smuttiness, Coochie-Poppin, And How She Wants To Read The Bible From Cover To Cover

keri hilson

SMH. This poor girl might just need to go back to being a dope a$s song writer: Continue »

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The Top Selling Cars of 2010

It’s been a tough decade for the auto industry. The recession threatened the big automakers of Motor City and government intervention was mandated in 2008 to save the big three companies from imploding. Two years later, the industry seems to be in much better shape. This year, automakers have sold over 9.6 million cars and trucks, which is an 11 percent improvement from last year. Here is a list of auto sales, based on purchases recorded through end of October, as collected by Forbes.

Continued at The Atlanta Post

Name That Bubble Gut

Whitney Houston BET Celebration of Gospel

Someone performed at the BET Celebration of Gospel extravaganza with her “gut full of something” steez on full blizzast Continue »

Aaaaw! Isn’t Brandy Just The Sweetest?!?!

Brandy Norwood

We don’t buy that “I didn’t have sex for six years” thing for a minute. But we do absolutely believe that Brandy‘s good girl persona isn’t an act. Continue »

Breaking News: Ja Rule Sentenced To 2 Years In The Bing!!!

Today, Ja Rule appeared in court to see “Your Honor” about his looming gun charge from back in 2007. Continue »

Christian Hotel Owners Sued After Telling Gay Guests To ‘Kick Rocks’

Typically, hotels reserve the right to accept or deny anyone to stay on their property for whatever reason, but this time there may be some legal ramifications to their questionable, long-standing policy. Continue »

SMH: NYC Principal’s “Joe Clark” Steez Causes A Student Riot

Man, these kids are afraid of no one these days. At all. Punishing them is just asking for retaliation. Continue »

Quote Of The Day, Carnie Wilson: “I’m Fat As FAWK…”

carnie wilson

Singer Carnie Wilson keeps it 100 when speaking about her weight Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

christina aguilera cosmopolitan

Here is lil X-Tina Aguilera on the cover of South African Cosmo rocking a pink dress… Continue »


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