Lisa Wu Hartwell Joins the ATL “Foreclosed and Loving it” Club


Bossip has learned that Lisa Wu Hartwell’s ATL house was just foreclosed. Continue »

Remember B2K?

FizzBoog_0595_hppbs copy

A couple of the former members of B2K have gone out on their own and scored the first single on the Bring it On soundtrack called, Bounce. Christina Milian will be starring as well as have a single for the new movie. Fizz and Boog are on the comeback trail, so we won’t clown their soft steez.

What do y’all think of the single though?

Ashanti’s Big Little Sister Throws BBQ Birthday Buffet


They had a smorgasbord for Lil-big Ashanti at Club Eden. They say a good time was had by all and Ashanti’s sis polished off a 13 course, equipped with a hefty slice of the birthday cake and a tub of ice cream.

Juelz Santana was in the house… pop it and peep Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Octomom Gets Two Hour Show On Faux


Octomom has just landed another payday. Faux will be airing a two hour documentary on the ho:

Through this never-before-seen footage, viewers will be able to witness the… Continue »

Man Jailed for Yawning in Courtroom!! Wow. Really?


What seemed to be normal courtroom proceedings in Joliet, Illinois quickly turned bizarre when a spectator was jailed for yawning. Clifton Williams was in no way the defendant that day in the courtroom…continue

Kelly Rowland Must Be Getting Some Good “D”…Finally!

Kelly Rowland Vacation

Kelly Rowland was spotted in St. Tropez on vacation smiling all hard and rubbing on dude’s back. We remember back in 2007 when Kelly said this about sex:

“I don’t need it. It’s overrated. I get better kicks from going to beautiful countries and hanging out with my friends.”

From the way she’s smiling in these pics under the hood…she must be getting broke off something proper now. She’s looks happy, good for her.

You already know the drill…. Continue »

Congrats… J Hud Has A New Baby Boy!


It’s been reported that Jennifer Hudson gave birth late last night.

Continue »

Rihanna Is Kissing On Who???

rihanna jay copy

This is a picture of Jay-Z and Rihanna at a Rocawear event. While the Teen Choice Awards were going on, RiRi decided to hit up the Pink Elephant Night Club and get her tongue on.

Pop the top to see who RiRi is kissing on Continue »

Guess Who This Model Chick Is Swirling With


This is aspiring model, Sophie Monk. She was spotted on the town with her sugar daddy. Guess who it is…

Pop it and see Continue »

Some Amerie Promo-Hoeing

amerie promo

Amerie’s people have released some “artistic” new promo pics of the singer….we wonder how her album will do this time around. Check on the flip for more of your girl… Continue »

WTF is This Broad Wearing??

Mallika Sherawat

We’re not sure who this chick is, but she stepped out last night to the premiere of the film Inglourious Basterds in this promiscuous little number. Looks borderline trashy to us, but what do ya’ll think???

Check it out in full length, along with Samuel L. Jackson, Sidney Poitier, and the Jolie-Pitts right about now… Continue »

Coupled Up: Taye Taye and Pregnant Wife

Taye Taye

Everyone’s favorite actor Taye Taye Diggs was seen out once again with his pregnant wife Idina Menzel…we promise not to clown him today, so pop the top to see more… Continue »

Exclusive: LeToya Luckett Talks about her New Album, Heartbreak and Beyonce


Bossip got to chop it up with LeToya Luckett and she dished on everything from Beyonce and Mathew Knowles to why she split with Slim Thugg Continue »

Gabby Covers Essence: How to Steal a Man Edition


Gabrielle Union covers the current issue of Essence smiling like the poster child for sally homewreckers everywhere.  Flip the hood for more flicks of the new age Jezebel and her thoughts on breaking up happy homes. Continue »

The Odd Couple: Joe Camel & Harpo


Who would of ever thought Oprah would be seen with a rapper. Looks like someone’s mind is evolving.  Flip the hood for more pics of this historical moment. Continue »

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