In White Folks News: Jodi Foster Marries Ex-Girlfriend Of Ellen Degeneres After Publicly Coming Out In 2013


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Chrissy Teigen Talks Jimmy Dean Sausage And Beauty

Hoodrat “Baby Momma” Beat Up And Arrested On Attempted Murder Charges After She Sets Up Brawl That Ends In 4-People Stabbed! [Video]

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Kim Kimble Shuts Down Fired-Azz Angela In Season 3 – L.A. Hair [Video]

And Kim’s sister tells Kim to “kiss my azz!”

Orange County Texas Moves To Make April “Confederate History And Heritage Month” AND Build A Memorial On MLK Jr. Drive!!!

confederate flag

Soooo how is it Black people are expected to “move On” after slavery while we still have these nostalgic azz places that want to pay tribute to the Confederacy??? Continue »

Catching Fade With The Family Dog: Mom Bites The Puppy Chow Out Of Pit-Bull Mauling Baby!! [Video]

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New York Swat Team Responds To 911 Prank Involving Call Of Duty [Photos]


Police injustice can swing both ways on the pendulum.
When the law enforcement fail to act promptly it could lead to lives being lost. But when quick responders rush into a hoax, it also sheds light on a different kind of injustice. To the community being served…Continue