Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Shot and Killed, Seven Year-Old Nephew Reportedly Missing

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Jennifer Hudson’s mother was shot and killed today. Two bodies were found this afternoon in her Chicago home:

The mother of Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson was reportedly found dead in a South Side home. Two adults were found fatally shot at a home at 70th Street and Yale Avenue at 3 p.m. Friday, authorities said. A representative of the family’s church, Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist, confirms that 57-year-old Darnell Hudson was one of the victims. The other victim was a man, the Chicago Fire Department said.  The shooting is believed to be domestic.  The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office has been notified of the deaths of two people from a home at the address, but additional information is unavailable.

R.I.P. Our condolences go out to Jhud and her family. It is rumored the other victim was her brother Jason. The police are reportedly looking for her seven year-old nephew pictured below. As more information comes in, we will keep you updated.

via CBS Chicago

Clifford Does Crimestoppers

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T.I. has stepped over to the right side of the law, according to a report by Livesteez.

Rapper T.I. is teaming up with local Atlanta news station WSB-TV in a new camapign to help fight crime in metro Atlanta neighborhoods. T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr., is stepping in front of the camera, as the face of a new public service announcement to encourage others to report tips about crimes through an anonymous hotline. “Hey, what’s happening y’all? Some people call me Tip, but this is about another kind of tip that could help our mothers, our sisters, our brothers and our fathers to help get the perpetrators who commit crimes against them off the streets ” T.I. says in the video. “All you gotta do is call Crimestoppers Atlanta. Tips can be anonymous and there’s even a reward.” The new campaign, Atlanta Crimestoppers, is the brain child of WSB-TV investigative reporter Mark Winne. “I think T.I.’s street cred is as powerful as anybody we could get to do it,” said Winne. “There is no telling how many lives this PSA may save,” Winne added.

Although one has to wonder whether this was his own idea given the fact that he has spent d@mn near two decades actually committing crimes, we can’t even fault T.I. for standing up against crime and urging others to do the same.

More pics of T.I. reaching out to the youth below.

Read the entire Livesteez article here.

Question of the Day

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According to a report by Livesteez, Pittsburgh Steeler’s WR Santonio Holmes was busted for possession of marijuana.

Pittsburgh Steeler receiver Santonio Holmes will be charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession after a traffic stop in which police smelled burning marijuana and found marijuana-filled cigars in his car. He’s going to be summoned,” said police Sgt. R. Griffith, meaning Holmes was not arrested after the incident Thursday, but will receive notice of the charge in the mail. The charge, possession of a small amount of marijuana, is punishable by up to a year in jail but probation or a fine is common in most cases. Police said the 24-year-old Holmes acknowledged having marijuana when stopped and pointed out the blunts to officers. “We’re aware of what happened and are still gathering information at this time and will not comment,” Steelers spokesman Dave Lockett said Friday. Holmes and his agent have yet to release a comment, reports the Associated Press. The third-year player didn’t have his license when police stopped him around 4 p.m. near Mellon Arena, the home of hockey’s Pittsburgh Penguins.

Since herb is exceedingly popular here in the states and internationally, the question practically asks itself: Isn’t it time for the legal systems everywhere to concede on the war against Marijuana and try to legitimize it’s sale and distribution?

Read the full article on Santonio Holmes on Livesteez.

An Extra Stupid Rapper

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Livesteez reports Lil Boosie got popped with dank and burners after he pulled up next to one-time flossin’ in a brand new Challenger:

The East Baton Rouge Parish deputies arrested Boosie, born Torrance Hatch, at 4 p.m. after he pulled up next to the deputies at Government Street and Interstate 10 in Louisiana, according to the arrest warrant. The deputies smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the rapper’s white Dodge Challenger. When the deputies approached the vehicle, Hatch refused to get out and attempted to drive away, reports

We can’t tell if these stupid maneuvers are an attempt to get some street cred, or just simple acts of idiocy. You must be retarded to roll up on one-time blazing, or you are trying to sell more records. SMH


Recidivism: Look It Up, Lyfe

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Here’s an update on the Lyfe Jennings situation we reported about yesterday:

Jennings, 30, was arrested Sunday on gun charges in Smyrna while trying to locate the mother of his children, police said. The singer/songwriter kicked in the door of a residence on Springwoods Drive in Smyrna while looking for Joy Pound, according to an arrest warrant. He fired the gun in the street and later tried to run from the Smyrna police when they arrived, police said. Smyrna police chased Jennings after receiving a call about a gunshot fired. Police followed Jennings in his red Corvette along Concord Road, where he was going about 70 mph according to the warrant. Once he was stopped, Jennings refused a field sobriety test. The warrant said he “had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” coming from his breath. He posted a $50,000 bond Monday night. In addition to the gun charges and trespassing, he has been charged with eluding police and driving under the influence, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Having your albums go platinum is something to strive for. Getting back to jail so no one takes your prison ID number; not so much. Did he just negate all of the positive messages that he tries to put out there with his music?

Go to Livesteez for the full fledged idiocy.

TI At Beverly Center In Baby T

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TI, who is supposed to be on house arrest, was spotted at the Beverly Center yesterday with one of his sons’ size Xt (Xtra-Teenie) T-shirts on. TIP and a diesel Amistad-looking dude in the back are seen here making a entrance.

More pictures below of Clifford with his Baby Gap steez in direct effect…

Images via WENN

Vick Trying To Get Out Early

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They are trying to pile up more dogsh*t for Michael Vick, but hopefully, “The Man” will let him go:

Suspended NFL player Michael Vick is expected to enter a guilty plea next week to the state dogfighting charges he faces in Virginia. Surry County Circuit Court administrator Sally Neblett says a hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 30 on a motion to hear a videotaped plea from the jailed Atlanta Falcons quarterback. The Virginian-Pilot reported that Vick hopes his guilty plea to the state charges will earn him an early release from federal prison based on documents filed in Surry County Circuit Court. Vick is currently serving a 23-month sentence on felony charges related to dogfighting.

The egotistical and delusional people involved in this now are strictly trying to get a name. People have molested children and have not went through as much sh*t as this.

For the full report go to Livesteez.


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Lyfe Jennings is in a wee bit of trouble:

R&B bigshot Lyfe Jennings just got nabbed by Georgia police for allegedly shooting off a gun, taking cops on a chase in a Corvette, and refusing to take a DUI test. Smyrna, Ga. police tell us they were responding to a gunshots fired call when they spotted Jennings’ Vette hightailing it away from the scene. A chase ensued and Jennings eventually crashed. He was charged with felony weapon possession by a convicted felon. and he faces charges of attempting to elude, as well as discharging a firearm near a public highway and refusing to take the sobriety test. Lyfe — real name Chester — was in prison from 1992-2002 after being convicted of arson.

Poor thang.


Lil Wayne’s Assistant Snitches

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Lil Wayne’s assistant was on the stand telling the truth, aka snitchin:

Lil Wayne’s assistant, Terry Bourgeois, testified in a New York court today (October 20) that he occasionally saw a handgun and people smoking marijuana in the rapper’s tour bus. As reported earlier, Lil Wayne was arrested on a weapons possession charge last July after a 9mm was found in his tour bus following a performance with Ja Rule at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre. A police officer testified last month she saw Lil Wayne trying to hide a gun when she boarded the bus but Bourgeois testified Monday that he never saw Lil Wayne with a gun on the night of his arrest. He also said he didn’t know whether a gun was on the bus. Wayne, who appeared at the hearing, has pleaded not guilty to the gun charges. He faces to three and a half years in prison if convicted. The case will resume in December.

He should know better than to be so flagrant with his gun toting, weed smoking, syrup sipping ways. Hopefully he’s been scared straight as his wee stature will have him being passed around the pen like a bl*nt.


Busted by the Feds????

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Katt Williams Pink Noose Suit

We suppose some thug is about to get a piece of Katt as it is rumored that Katt Williams was ganked up by one-time this weekend. Worse yet T-Pain is said to be filling in for him as host of this year’s BET awards. We wonder if

Don Cornelius Popped For Beating That Tail!

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According to TMZ, The Don got “popped” messing around with one of his Nicole Simpson’s:

Don Cornelius of “Soul Train” was arrested last night on felony domestic violence. It went down on Mulholland Drive in L.A. in the early evening. Someone called from Cornelius’ home and LAPD responded to a “domestic dispute.” After arriving on scene, they arrested 72-year-old Cornelius on charges of felony domestic violence. He was taken to the LAPD jail in Van Nuys where his bail was set at $50,000. He was released at 5 AM. Cornelius is married to Victoria although the identity of the victim has not been released. The victim was not taken to the hospital and injuries are unknown.

The Don is from another time. He is too damn decrepit and feeble to be scrapping up those young tenders he’s been swirling around with.  SMH


Suge’s Latest Victim is MIA

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You remember when Sugar Bear stomped up that girl and threw her out the whip? Well one-time can’t find her:

Law enforcement sources tell TMX the Las Vegas PD went to re-interview the victim, but the people living in the apartment building claimed they had no idea who she was. Even if she doesn’t turn up, the D.A. can still go full steam ahead. As for any witnesses … you’ve been warned.

What can happen to OJ can happen to muscle head Suge, and we may all get to see this transpire. He was in the wrong place to do dirt. He needs to stay in Cali, a knockout at the club is nothing like that Nevada pen.

True or False, Suge had ole girl whacked?


T.I.’s a Little Shook

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T.I. is wary about doing time in the big house according to Livesteez.

Rapper T. I. is getting “anxious” as he draws closer to his upcoming jail stint. The entertainer tells CNN: “I wouldn’t describe it as fear. I would describe it as more concerned. Concerned, and I am a little anxious. Sooner I get started, sooner I get finished.” T.I., real name Clifford Harris Jr., is facing a one-year prison sentence and 1,000 hours of community service after pleading guilty to illegal possession of three machine guns and two silencers following a 2007 arrest. He has since defended his actions, insisting he felt the need to protect himself against assassination since the shooting death of his assistant Philant Johnson in May 2006.

Ya’ll remember those muscle bound killers with no teeth and jail-house tats who were spitting on those kids on Scared Straight way back when? Insert T.I. as one of those kids and extend the time from a day to a year; yeah…anxious sounds about right. Good luck with that.


Marion Jones’ Ex Sentenced To 5 Yrs

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Hopefully Tim Montgomery’s conviction is the final chapter to this family’s tragic tale. He just received 5 yrs for moving work:

“I was blind — I never had a job in my life,” Montgomery explained to U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Friedman. “I did the wrong thing.”

The one-time Olympic sprinter, 33, will serve the five-year sentence after he completes a 46-month prison term on an unrelated conviction in New York, reports the Associated Press. Under an agreement with the government, he entered a guilty plea in July to possession and distribution of more than 100 grams of heroin and received the minimum term under federal sentencing guidelines. In April, Montgomery was arrested on the heroin charge one month after he was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for his role in a New York-based check-kiting conspiracy. Montgomery’s heroin prosecution is based on four drug sales he made in 2007 and 2008 in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. A Drug Enforcement Agency informant made buys that were either electronically videotaped, tape-recorded or witnessed by agents, according to court records. Montgomery’s Olympic gold medal in the 400-meter relay at the 2000 Summer Games and silver in the same event four years earlier, as well as his world-record 9.78-second performance in the 100-meter dash, were all wiped from the books after he was linked to the investigation of BALCO, the West Coast lab at the center of the steroid scandal in sports. He also was banned from track for two years.

First, ‘The Man’ stuck Marion Jones and now they’re sticking her baby’s father. How are you going to try to push weight with drug agencies rifling through your Marion’s panty drawers? You didn’t think they would catch wind of 100g of Herion?? And wait… 33 and never had a job??? SMH


Justice Is Served

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Police have made an arrest for the murder of NFL player Darrent Williams.

Police have charged a suspect in the drive-by shooting death of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, who was gunned down on New Year’s Day 2007. Willie D. Clark, 25, was indicted Wednesday on 39 counts, including first degree murder, attempted murder, assault, crimes of violence and a weapons violation, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey told the Associated Press. Clark is in federal custody in a separate case. He was long considered a “person of interest” in Williams’ slaying but is the first suspect to be indicted. Williams, a former Oklahoma State standout, was 24 yrs. old when he was shot and killed while riding in a rented limousine early on Jan. 1, 2007, after leaving the Safari Club – a Denver nightspot.

The Williams Family can now put some closure to this long ordeal. We really hope that murderer, Willie, was doing it very big at clubs all over Denver because with those 39 counts, it is highly unlikely he will ever be able to go to a club again, let alone stay outside of a cell past 8:30pm. SMH

Read the full Livesteez story here.


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