Another Day, Another Arrest

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Lil Scrappy was stabbed arrested, etc. in Atlanta this weekend:

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Richardson, was injured Friday night in a stabbing in DeKalb County. Authorities said the incident happened shortly after 7 p.m. at the Mountain Crest Apartments in the 1000 block of North Hairston Road in Stone Mountain. A DeKalb County police spokesman said the 24-year-old Conyers rapper received a call from his sister stating she had been involved in an argument with her boyfriend. Authorities said Richardson went to his sister’s apartment and became involved in an altercation with his sister’s boyfriend.

Authorities said the rapper was stabbed. He was listed in stable condition Saturday. Authorities said the boyfriend was not arrested. Authorities said they also took Richardson into custody for felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a firearm/knife, and obstruction of officers. The rapper remained in jail Saturday afternoon on $1,500 bond.

Damn, we wonder why that shady boyfriend wasn’t arrested..


Menace To Society

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Believe it or not, that Neanderthal Quinton “Rampage” Jackson got arrested again last night:

Sources say last night an Irvine police car was waved down by people near the place Rampage was staying who said he was acting weird. This, of course, following the insane chase the day before in which the UFC fighter hit several cars in his monster truck and was arrested at gunpoint.

We’re told Irvine cops saw Rampage, deemed him a danger to himself and others, and took him to a hospital for observation. Cops won’t officially confirm if it’s a psychiatric hold.

After the sh*t he pulled the other day, this dude should never have been released from the jump. SMH.


Road Rage Rampage

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Former UFC Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson snapped while behind the wheel yesterday:

The just-defeated UFC champ was busted yesterday afternoon for alleged felony hit and run. Rampage was on the 55 Freeway in the O.C., hit two cars and got off the freeway.

Rampage then began driving on the center divider. According to the police report, Jackson then drove on the sidewalk, “causing pedestrians to flee for their lives.” He started driving the wrong way on a crowded street, colliding with yet another car in an intersection. As he continued on, running several red lights, his tire disintegrated and he began driving on the rim.

Rampage eventually got to the exclusive Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, where he again drove on the sidewalk, “causing pedestrians to flee in terror.”

Eventually, his car came to a stop and he was taken into custody at gunpoint. Cops took him to the Orange County Jail, but they determined he was “medically unfit” to be booked. Cops won’t say if he was high. He’s since been treated and released on $25,000 bail.

This cat was released on bail after endangering all those folks? His crazy ass needs to marinate behind bars for a minute, and have his driving privileges revoked in the process.


UK Cops Get Out of Pocket Too

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While exiting a train Bournemouth [UK] station recently, Rapper Nzube Udezue, 21, a University of Oxford graduate, was ordered to lie face-down and was handcuffed by armed police. In this case of this mistaken identity, the police surrounded him and treated him like a high level threat. In his words:

“It took me a couple of seconds to realise that it was me that all those guns were aimed at. “I honestly felt like I’d stepped off the train and into a really bad dream.

“I’m shocked, confused, scared and embarrassed all at the same time.”Most of the bystanders had vacated the platform by now, by police order.

“And I’m not talking about normal police either. This is the Specialist Firearms Unit, about eight of them, machine guns, bullet proof vests, police dogs and all. “And they’re here to arrest me!”

Allegedly, Udezue was told that he was being arrested on suspicion of a “section one firearms incident”. He’s lucky to be alive. If that same shyte went down here in the good ole U.S. of A., those pigs would’ve shot him down before he even got his foot on the damn platform. SMH.


Some Cats Will Never Learn

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DMX 508

DMX has been arrested again:

Rapper DMX was arrested Monday on a warrant for not having a valid driver’s license, Miami-Dade police say. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, 37, was being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Monday afternoon. His bond is set at $500.

Damn those rocks. Peep Earl’s newest mugshot below:


*Thanks Chaka

The Federali’s Want Blade in The Pen

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Wesley Snipes & Wife

The Feds are still ridin’ hard against Blade, trying to make sure he sits behind bars for tax fraud:

The U.S. Attorney’s office filed a motion Thursday appealing the decision that allowed actor Wesley Snipes to remain free on bond while he appeals a jail sentence. Snipes is appealing his three-year sentence for not filing tax returns, but attorneys said he has been convicted by a jury of his peers, so he should be locked up.

Snipes’ attorneys, though, said the actor was not a flight risk.

Don’t they have something more important to do than to try to chase after Blade??? Seems “suspect” how aggressive the Feds are in going after Snipes.

Jeezy Arrested

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The Snowman was caught ridin super duper dirty (DUI, Reckless Driving, No Insurance, etc.) in Atlanta yesterday.

Click HERE for all the major details on Jeezy’s arrest.

Another Day, Another Arrest

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Warren G was arrested for riding dirty:

Warren Griffin III and a man named Ryan Butler were pulled over for running a red light around 2 AM PT Sunday morning in Hollywood. Butler was driving. When cops searched the car, they found enough marijuana to arrest both men for possession of narcotics with intent to sell. Warren and Butler posted $20,000 bail each and were released at around 9 AM this morning. Calls to Warren’s reps have yet to be returned.

Damn, if you’re gonna roll around with a boatload of kush in the car, don’t run red lights. These cats will never learn.


Update: Warren G tries to clarify thangs:

“’I was a passenger, I wasn’t driving,” Warren G. [said] “And we didn’t run a red light. We just happened to be in a long line of traffic on Hollywood Boulevard and got caught in the intersection. The whole thing was bogus. From what I’m hearing, what they said at the police station, it wasn’t even an ounce [of marijuana that he and Butler were in possession of]. They basically was just f**king with me because I’m Warren G. and they just wanted to get the publicity for arresting me.’”

Update Source

Yet Another Update…. According to TMZ, the L.A. County DA has thrown out all drug charges against Warren G and Ryan Butler.

Photo: Wireimage


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C-Murder’s trial has been delayed once again:

“The trial had been scheduled to start Monday with jury selection. But after the attorneys’ brief private meeting with Sassone in her office, Assistant District Attorney David Wolff announced in court that the trial is set for Oct. 14.”

We wonder if this new trial date will stick. His thug-ass keeps catching a break. Click here for the background of this suspect situation.


Ne-Yo Must Sing For The Children

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We were the first to exclusively tell you the Ne-Yo was arrested for reckless driving back in February, and he just went to court for it Monday:

Grammy winner Ne-Yo has a word of advice for drivers: “Watch your speed when driving through Atlanta.” He should know. He uttered those words as he left Cobb State Court on Monday after pleading guilty to failing to get a Georgia license and no contest to reckless driving. As part of a plea deal, Ne-Yo will perform a concert for the Boys & Girls Club in Cobb. Cobb County police clocked the singer-songwriter’s Range Rover at 105 mph in a 55 mph zone when they pulled him over on Feb. 19 on South Cobb Drive and Cobb Parkway. He told police he’d lived in Georgia for a year. “I was trying to get somewhere in a awful hurry, and I got pulled over.”

What the hell was he trying to get to that fast? SMH at him doing 105 on a non-highway and only having to sing to children for it. Some fu*king punishment that is, must be nice.


When Po Po’s at Your Front Door

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Katt Williams raid

Katt Williams could be facing some heat over harboring a known fugitive:

“U.S. Marshals raided the home of comedian Katt Williams on Tuesday (May 20) and arrested a man who was wanted in a drug related shooting. Police are trying to determine if Williams was aware that Robert McGhee [Williams' cousin] was wanted for the shooting and if he knowingly harbored a fugitive or if he was even home at the time of the arrest.”

We hope he comes up clean – we’d hate to see what would happen to his sawed off ass in the clink.


Still No Justice

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Permed Up Al and Nicole Bell were among the 216 people that were arrested yesterday at a protest against the NYC police officers that were found not guilty in the Sean Bell murder case.

Click HERE for more details on this ridiculousness.


More images under the hood… Continue »

Thug Squad

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Michael Boley

Another Atlanta Falcon is in trouble with the law. This time it’s linebacker Michael Boley. It’s time for that franchise to step up their screening techniques.

Click here to read more about this latest show of thuggery and learn more about the impact this may have on the team.

Menopausal Delight

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Divas 505

The original Divas graced the stage of Radio City Music Hall for the Divas with Hearts Concert. We didn’t think there was a music hall big enough to stuff all those egos in there. On the real though, to witness Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan perform in one night must have been quite an event. Check out more pics of the legendary songstresses below.

Gladys KnightDiana Ross 505Patti LaBelleChaka Khan

Images via WENN

Free Blade!!!! Gets Maximum 3 Year Prison Term

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Wesley Snipes was locked up today for a tax evasion conviction:

A judge has just sentenced Wesley Snipes to three years in prison for tax evasion. Forget black — always bet on the U.S. government!

Snipes was not forced to surrender immediately. Instead, the judge ruled he could surrender at a later date, closer to his New Jersey home. Nathan J. Hochman, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Tax Division, said, “Snipes’ long prison sentence should send a loud and crystal clear message to all tax defiers that if they engage in similar tax defier conduct, they face joining him and his co-defendants … as inmates in prison.”

Denzel wrote a letter to the judge on Wesley’s behalf but he still got the maximum possible sentence. You know the judge got mad at a brotha making 30X more than him. Click here to read why Snipes thinks racism is involved in the case.

His sentence sounds excessive to us, discuss…

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