Who Looked More Bangin’??? Grammy Winner vs. Oscar Nominee


Last night, Tyler Perry had the premiere for his new movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself in NYC. Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson were both looking stellar. It’s only fair we ask the question, between the two leading ladies…

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Which Diva Likes to Make A Run for the Border???


The paps caught this Diva coming out of Taco Bell in Los Angeles and she was also driving a Chrysler 300. Now, there is nothing wrong with eating Taco Bell or driving a Chrysler but we wouldn’t really expect this from her. Plus, she’s an “Ol’ Head,” not one of these new spring chickens.

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Swirlin’ Couple: Angela Simmons Added Some Salt to her Margarita


Angela Simmons is finally Out & About with her boo. He may dress like some of the guys that she dated before but he’s more like a side of carne asada burritos.

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NBA Player Ron Artest has a _____________ Wife


We always see an NBA player swirlin’ or kickin’ it with a half breed. LA Laker, Ron Artest was spotted walking down the street with his wife. This situation was so special we had to bring it up. Is his wife a Swirler, Half & Half or Pure???

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Coupled Up: Kourtney and Her Baby Daddy


Kourtney and her sperm donor were spotted frolicking on Miami Beach.  Flip the hood for more flicks.

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Kanye vs. The Paparazzi AGAIN: Should They Back Off or Should He Just Get Over It???


Kanye is SPAZZING on the Paparazzi AGAIN. In L.A., celebrities are so popular that the paps just follow them or they’re so whack (Ci-Error) that they let the paps know where they’re going to be. Even though Kanye is in the limelight, do you think that he should just accept what comes with the territory of fame or should the paps back off and give him room to be normal???

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What a Difference a Day Makes…


Remember what Whitney looked like yesterday on the GMA’s. Well flip the hood to see what Whitney looked like before her TV makeover.

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How Precious: The “Family Guy” is at it Again


Kobe Bryant, his crazy ass wife Vanessa,and their girls were spotted at the Pretend City Museum in Irvine, CA, which just opened last month. While visiting the new museum, the whole family was interviewed.  Flip the hood to see. Continue »

Coupled Up: J Hud and Punk Come Out of Hiding


J Hud and Punk were spotted out and about post baby looking happy, but we guess not happy enough to walk down the aisle yet.  Flip the hood for another pic of them.

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The Key to Fashion is to “COOO-OOORDINATE”


This chick is known for rocking some wild stuff. Some people just call it fashion, tacky or say she has her own style. According to John Witherspoon…. She decided to “Cooo-ordinate”!!!
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Amber Rose is on a Cigarette Workout Plan


Amber Rose was spotted coming from the gym. After seeing this, we put 2 and 2 together and found the answer to the number question that no one can figure out…
How did Amber Rose end up with Kanye West???

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Trey Songz Album Better be “Ready”… The Album Release Party was WHACK!!!


Bossip was in the building at the Trey Songz album release party last night in NYC and it was a zoo in there. Flip the hood for the details and flicks of Trey trying to hold his liquor.

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40+ Year-Old Bangers: Stacey Dash’s Shirt Steez

stacey dash

Here is Stacey Dash in LA looking like the 40 year-old banger that she is…. Continue »

Teyana “the Treasure Troll” Taylor and Milli Vanilli


Treasure Troll is keeping her face and hair in the streets. She made her way to Atlanta to pop up at the Honey Magazine Glam Event. We have no idea who this Milli Vanilli character is next to her but we have to give it to her because she definitely looks better than him. Continue »

Rihanna Has a New Love Interest!!!


Rihanna took a day off and kicked it at Magic Mountain. Of course the paps are always in full effect in Cali and they caught her smoozing with her new love affair.

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