CBS Blogger Blasted For Calling OKC Cheerleader Too Chunky To Cheer


SMH. You don’t have to be a beanpole to tote pom-poms! Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Dad Gets Sons High By Feeding Them Meth-Laced Cookies


Somebody needs to take this dad to a back alley and give him that work! Continue »

WTF?! Mike Tyson Says One Of His Bird-Brained Ex-Girlfriend’s Cooked One Of His Pigeons And Ate It!


She’s pretty bold to be eating one of the champ’s bird buddies Continue »

Body Pulled From River Believed To Be Missing Brown University Student Falsely Accused Of Being Boston Bomber


Thanks to the media and internet rumors there were more innocent victims in the Boston Marathon bombing besides those who were hit with shrapnel. Continue »