Question Of The Day: Where, Oh Where, Should Little Melo Go???

carmelo anthony denver nuggets

Seems like nowadays the NBA is full of as much drama as a friggin soap opera when it comes to trading players. Continue »

President Barack Obama’s Statements Regarding Ground Zero Mosque Causing Big Stir With Those Hatin’ A$s Republicans

barack obama mosque

Those shady Republicans stay hating:

Republicans on Sunday criticized President Obama for comments about a proposed mosque near New York’s ground zero, suggesting that the matter will escalate into a significant campaign issue leading into the November midterm elections. Continue »

ATTENTION WHORE Tila Tequila Shows Off her So-Called Gut Full of Human

Tila Tequila and the ATTENTION WHORE that she is decided to show off her baby bump. Obviously this girl has nothing better to do than call the paps and have them meet her where ever she decides to go.

Pop the Top for this Bull Sh*zzz Continue »

White Folks Have Killed The Peace Sign and Keep Killin’ It, Over and Over

We came across a picture this morning that was very “disturbing”. If you agree with BOSSIP want to do something about this sh*t, click here.

Before we pass away, our most ambitious goal is to play a part in burying the peace sign, once and for all. The sh*t is not cool anymore. SMH.

Go under the hood for have your say on whether the peace sign should be stopped Continue »

How Are You Celebrating New Year’s Eve

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