Exclusive: “The Fail Mixtape” [Video]

Takes One To Know One: Kenya Moore Says Honey Boo Boo Is No Role Model… “She Looks Like A Glorified Ho!”


SMH, considering this is a woman who walked around in public in a swimsuit cover up with butt pads, should she really be talking? Continue »

Shucking & Jiving For The Come Up: What Does Sweet Brown Have Time For? [Video]

Yes, we know Sweet Brown is pure comedy and we do wish her the best… but isn’t she a stereotype being exploited?

Bossip Lingo: Words To Know For Your “Bocabulary” [Video]

That’s just a heads up for you bangers, mud-ducks, hynas, and birds because we don’t want you to feel like we are ganking you or coming off too easty.

Quote Of The Day: Big Boi Speaks On Andre 3K’s Eccentric Steezle “Dre Had On The Diaper And I Was Like ‘Do That Isht!'”


Let us find out, it’s actually Big Boi and not Erykah Badu who is responsible for Dre dressing all weird ‘n’ isht. Continue »

Pure Comedy!: Watch A Drunk Or High Jerry Springer Lookalike Explain An Explosion [Video]

Talk about being “on a good one?”

Continue »

Jennifer Lawrence’s (J-Law) “Trippy Thoughts” [Video]

Continue »

Exclusive Very First Pictures Of Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa’s Baby Boy!!! [Video]

Can you see the resemblance?


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