Pure Comedy: Hackers Use Burger King Twitter Page To Promote McDonald’s Products

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Pot… Meet Kettle: Antoine Dodson Spoofs Sweet Brown “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” [Video]

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Debut: Keyonce Bowles “Life Is But A Scream” Trailer [Video]

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Snoop Lion Served With $546,000 Tax Lien


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Breaking News: Gross Pedo-Perv Arrested On The Bus! [Video]

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Drunk Becky Drags Friend By Hair Like Luggage Trying To Get Cab, But Ends Up Getting Arrested Instead! [Video]

This is one of the funniest videos of the week!

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Catch Fade: Watch Steve Wilkos Get Leveled By Easty Mud-Duck On His Show [Video]

Aww, damn!

The Breakfast Club With Jermaine Dupri: “Frank Ocean Being Gay Is A Publicity Stunt,” Chopping Down Kandi, And Breaking Up With Janet Jackson [Video]

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Paulo Berlusconi Calls Newly Acquired AC Milan Striker Super Mario Balotelli “The Little N**ger” Of The Family [Video]

We did not want to report on this story and take away from Super Mario’s performance on the pitch being exemplary.

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