Race Matters: Should Viewers Care That The Flash Has A Black Girlfriend In New Show?


Are people ready for “race bending” in comics? Continue »

NBA Rookie Nik Stauskas “Very Surprised” People Were Upset That He Said He’s Under Attack At All Times Because He’s White [Video]

Ignorance IS bliss. Continue »

The Joys Of Being Black: Police Pepper Spray Black Foster Son Mistaken As Burglar [Video]

Continue »

Girl, Stop: Light-Skinned Lady Lover Raven-Symone Tells Oprah She Refuses To Be “Gay” Or “African-American” [Video]

We already know she ain’t Sojourner Truth, but figured she’d at least be an LGBT spokespersonContinue »

Black Lives Matter!!! Ferguson Flash Mob Stops St. Louis Symphony To Protest Justice For Michael Brown Shooting Death

Which side are you on? Continue »


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