Race Matters: Study Shows Black Men Have A Longer Lifespan Behind Bars Than Out On The Streets

black men in jail

Less drugging, boozing and random drive by shootings. Is prison life actually better for Black men than freedom? Continue »

Shady Korean Police Imprison Black Soldier Over Taxi Driver’s Claim He Stole $88

andre fisher with two other soldiers

You would think a man serving his country over in a foreign land would be able to get a lil help from the government. Continue »

For Discussion: White Folks Have Recovered From Recession, Blacks Still Suffering As Middle Class Declines

recession blacks

The recession has been real for the past few years and unfortunately for people in our community Continue »

White Kid At Safeco Field Kills Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance!! [Video]

We thought he was off in the beginning, then he starts getting-it-in!

NAACP Gives CNN The Ho Sit Down For Lack Of Diversity In Prime Time Lineup

Ben Jealous

CNN is getting no love from the NAACP over their recently announced prime time news lineup — which features not a single person of color. Continue »

The Swirl: SMH At These Folks Acting Astonished That Chinese Men Are Now Wifing Up African Women!

Chinese Men with black African Women

Asian women getting chop down action or even getting wifed up by brothers is nothing new, but some folks are acting brand new about the so-called phenomenon of Chinese men marrying African women. Continue »

Beesh Please! Michele Bachmann Says Obama ‘Should Be Afraid Of Toothless Hillbilly’ Tea Baggers

The Palin replacement, Michele Bachmann, is just ratchet. Her and those Republicans will incite hate and promote racial tension to win the 2012 election. Continue »

Race Matters: New Georgia Immigration Law Draws Thousands Rallying In The Streets Of Atlanta To Fight Against

georgia immigration law atlanta rally

Georgia’s new immigration laws have thousands of folks pissed and standing out in the sweltering heat to fight against it: Continue »