Eff A One Time: Al Sharpton Might Sue NYPD For Spying On Him And Spreading Rumors That He Was Gay!

sl sharpton

It’s about time someone brought these criminals to justice… Continue »

Modern Family Problems: Man With Black Granddaughter Claims He Was Cuffed By One-Time For “Babysitting While White”

Scott Henson and granddaughter Ty

So much for that post-racial America everyone thought Obama would usher in… Continue »

What The Hell?? Black NJ College Student Gets Racist Threats…”Black B***h You Will Die”

black only olivia mcrae

Racism is still alive and well here in America, and here is a prime example of such: Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

india times

Someone is taking the Chris Brown “jokes” too far. Continue »

For Discussion: Black Teacher Accused Of Racism For Calling Haitian Student ‘Little Chocolate Boy’…’Chocolate That Nobody Wanted’

leslie rainer

SMH at this lady for talking to these kids like this! Continue »


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