R.I.P. 35-Year-Old Black Man Beaten To Death By 20-Year-Old White Man In Indianapolis

Shaun Fields Arrested in Beating Death

This guy just looks like a menace to society. Continue »

Race Matters: Forbes Publishes “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” Article That Gives Kids From The Hood Advice On How To Succeed

poor black kids in school

For some reason, Forbes.com thought it was a good idea to post an article called “If I Were A Poor Black Kid.” Continue »

Setting The Record Straight: 15 Black And Latina Women That Definitely SHOULD Have Been In The “Hottest Women Ever” List


We’ve seen the travesty of the hottest women list that was released last week. Now let’s set the record straight. Continue »

Breaking News Update: The Power of Twitter is Real! Missing NYC Teen Found #FoundJaniceLewis

A Curious Case: Why Isn't #FindJaniceLewis Trending on Twitter?

This is Janice Lewis. The teen has been missing as of Decemeber 6, 2011 afternoon after she boarded the Uptown bound D train in NYC. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Shouldn’t A Nicki Minaj Barbie Have “Some” Color?

Nicki Minaj Barbie

We told you about Nicki Minaj getting her official Barbie on last week Continue »

Some Morning Glory Swirl: Kentucky Pastor Lifts Ban On Interracial Couples Despite Voting Of The Church

Stella Harville brought her black boyfriend, Ticha Chikuni, to the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church

Wow, what kind of church has a “policy” that bans interracial couples?!?! Continue »

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