Congressman Tells Black Honorary Degree Recipient His Graduation Gown Finally Gave Him “A Hoodie Nobody Will Shoot At You In”

Congressman Jokes About Grad Gown To Black Honorary Degree Recipient “Finally, A Hoodie No One Will Shoot You In

Real, real funny or really bad joke? Continue »

Race Matters: Black Workers At Siemens Plant File Charges Over Noose Left In Locker Room, Metal Shank Rigged To Slice Machinist

Racial Discrimination At Siemens

Black Workers File Charges Over Racial Discrimination At Siemens Plant

This made our blood boil. Continue »

Anything BUT African! Applachia’s Melungeon People Upset To Learn Their Real Roots Aren’t Portuguese, Turkish Or Gypsy

This is some pretty interesting stuff as far as genealogy goes, but the reaction of these Appalachian folk goes to show — some folks will do anything not to be “Black”. Continue »


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